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6th International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multi-Media (ICWMMN 2015)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 20-23 Nov. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-046-2
  • Conference number: CP681
  • The following topics are dealt with: wireless networks; wireless communications; signal processing; speech and video processing; multimedia network service and applications; new techniques for smart phone; and intelligent transportation and high-speed communications.

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  • Hybrid Construction of LDPC Codes of Code Length within 2,000 with (14, 8) Extended Hamming Code
  • Partial Self-interference Cancellation with Frame Pre-aliasing Method for Full-duplex DF System
  • Palmprint Recognition Based on Deep Learning
  • Turbulence Mitigation Scheme using MMSE Multiple-user Detection for Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing Communications
  • A new equalization scheme for Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling
  • Analysis and Research on Spectrum Requirements of LTE for Railways
  • Hamming-GLDPC Codes in BEC and AWGN Channel
  • User Numbers Estimation for Underlay Cognitive Radio
  • Auxiliary Gaussian sum quadrature particle filtering
  • Shrinkage Variable Regularization Matrix NSAF
  • Semi-supervised Sparse Feature Selection based on Multi-view Hessian Regularization
  • A new alternating minimization algorithm for image segmentation
  • Unsupervised image segmentation based on multidimensional particle swarm optimization
  • Saliency Weighted Spatial Pyramid Representation for Object Recognition
  • A realtime human action recognition method based on single view key poses in sports video
  • Research on the reliability of the Hierarchical Name System
  • An Improved Deadline-aware Scheme with Low Overhead in Datacenter Networks
  • Characterizing user popularity preference in a large-scale online video streaming system
  • A mathematical imaging model for special printings
  • Botnet Domain Name Detection based on Machine Learning
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