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IET International Radar Conference 2015

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  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Conference date: 14-16 Oct. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-038-7
  • Conference number: CP677
  • The following topics are dealt with: radar systems; advanced RF technologies; antenna technologies; antenna arrays; radar signal processing; data processing; SAR; ISAR; target characteristics; environment characteristics; emerging technologies; airborne radar; spaceborne radar; marine radar; radar equipment; MIMO radar; geophysical radar; remote sensing; optical radar; terahertz systems; radar imaging; propagation effects; RCS; clutter.

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  • An Iterative Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on QoE in Perturbed Triangular Lattice
  • Design of C/Ka dual-band wideband and wide-angle scanning multifunction phased array
  • An ultra-wide band exponential flared tem horn antenna for impulse radar systems
  • Open ended dielectric filled slot blade antenna design with coaxial feed for airborne applications
  • Millimetre Wave Circularly Polarized Holographic Antenna Based on Artificial Impedance Surface
  • European Space Surveillance Bistatic Breadboard Radar
  • A model-based approach for geometry extraction of buildings from SAR image
  • A marching-on-in-time solution of time-domain combined field integral equation with a higher order Nyström scheme
  • Analysis of transient scattering from a conductor coated by multilayer thin materials using time domain integral equation
  • Time domain integral equation for analysis of scattering from composite conducting-dispersive dielectric objects
  • A novel two-branch predistortion linearizer of Ku-band TWTA in communication applications
  • CS-CORR range super-resolution method for stepped frequency HF radar system
  • High order noncircularity restoral diagonal loading robust adaptive beamforming: HNRDL
  • Research on the extraction method for wideband radar target polarization features
  • The Method of Multi-Channel Phased Array Radar Squint SAR System Design
  • Spatial-temporal heterogeneity of land subsidence evolution in Beijing based on InSAR and cluster analysis
  • An improved tracking algorithm of maneuvering targets based on CSHGMM
  • A new location method based on spaceborne radar detecting
  • Estimation in small CPI for radar clutter identification
  • High-accuracy radar calibration based on ADS-B
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