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12th International Symposium on Operations Research and its Applications in Engineering, Technology and Management (ISORA 2015)

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  • Location: Luoyang, China
  • Conference date: 21-24 Aug. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-085-1
  • Conference number: CP673

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  • A method for generating colorings over graph automorphism
  • Polynomial-space exact algorithm for TSP in degree-5 graphs
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Linear Semi-Infinite Programming over Positive Polynomials
  • Computational complexity of inverse word search problem
  • A method for calculating probability of scores for men's team competition in artistic gymnastics
  • Replacement first and last for a parallel system with constant and random units
  • Research on the task assignment problem of warehouse robots in the smart warehouse
  • An inventory routing problem with soft time windows
  • Analysis of a Markovian queue with two heterogenous servers and a threshold assignment policy
  • Melanocytic globules detection in skin lesion images
  • Generalized shogi and chess are constant-time testable
  • A signaling pathway analysis method based on information divergence
  • An improved algorithm for the machine scheduling problem with job delivery coordination
  • Employing post-DEA method in budget management of health care sectors
  • Sufficient optimal conditions for unconstrained quadratic binary problems
  • A method for computing a sequence of circumscribing polygons and its analysis
  • A stackelberg game theoretic approach to competitive product portfolio management
  • The multiple knapsack problem with compatible bipartite graphs
  • Projection method for support vector machines with indefinite kernels
  • On classification of biological data using outlier detection
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