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2015 International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City and Big Data (ICSSC)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 26-27 July 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-032-5
  • Conference number: CP672

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  • Implementation of the KNN Algorithm Based on Hadoop
  • The Impact of Web Data Processing on Computer Property: A Study Based on Hadoop
  • A webpage information extraction method based on game theory
  • The Research And Design Of The Web Page Information System Editor
  • Cardiac Reconstruction Based on Progressive Structure Algorithm
  • Pedestrians evacuation simulation based on genetic algorithm
  • A fast sequential bin packing algorithm with predefined filllevel
  • The Application Of Local Features In 3-Dimensional Object Recognition
  • Deformation analysis of materials of 3D deformable solids using FEM simulation
  • People Counting System Based on Improved Gaussian Background Model
  • Research on energy saving method of IDC CRAC system based on prediction of working load
  • A height measure method based on surveillance video camera calibration
  • Person Re-Identification Using Human Salience Based On Multi-Feature Fusion
  • DSP Audio Compression System Based on G.723.1
  • An ECG R-wave detection algorithm based on adaptive threshold
  • Robust multiple features improve pedestrian detection
  • Research on the Self-Similarity of Point Cloud Outline for Accurate Compression
  • An Improved System For Sentence-Level Novelty Detection In Textual Streams
  • Joint channel assignment and power distribution in cooperative cognitive radio networks
  • Framework for Information Modeling of an Integrated Building
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