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2nd IET International Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing 2015 (ISP)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 1-2 Dec. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-136-0
  • Conference number: CP670
  • The following topics are dealt with: intelligent signal processing; Bayesian networks; MIMO communication; biomedical imaging; perceptual video compression; audio processing; distributed sensor processing; and localisation tracking.

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  • An elastic net-regularized HMAX model of visual processing
  • A simple localization strategy based on TDOA measurements
  • Adaptive Bayesian sparse representation for underwater acoustic signal de-noising
  • An exploratory study on the use of convolutional neural networks for object grasp classification
  • Iris segmentation using a non-decimated wavelet transform
  • Reduced search space multiple shift maximum element sequential matrix diagonalisation algorithm
  • Adaptive compensation of amplitude and phase conversion errors for FMCW radar signals
  • Electromagnetic coupling matrix modeling and ESPRIT-based direction finding: a case study using a uniform linear array of identical dipoles
  • The Empirical Mode Decomposition and the SVD for Abnormal Heart Sound Signals detection and Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Improvement in modelling of physiological tremor by inclusion of grip force in quaternion weighted Fourier linear combiner
  • Edge detection in SAR images using phase stretch transform
  • Speech source separation using the IVA algorithm with multivariate mixed super gaussian student's t source prior in real room environment
  • NMF2D-based source separation using extreme learning machine
  • Design of FIR Fractional Forward Filters with Closed Formula
  • Characterization of high power electron beams using a two-slit probe and Wavelet transforms
  • Wind prediction enhancement by exploiting data non-stationarity
  • Bayesian mass anomaly estimation with measurements of gravity
  • Analysis of positron lifetime spectra using Bayesian inference
  • Distributed detection in practical wireless sensor networks via a two-step consensus algorithm
  • Decomposition of optical MIMO systems using polynomial matrix factorization
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