ICINS 2014 - 2014 International Conference on Information and Network Security

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 14-16 Nov. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-909-4
  • Conference number: CP657
  • The following topics are dealt with: information security; network security; image watermarking; content-based audio watermarking method; mobile cloud storage services; wireless sensor network; firewall; identity-based encryption scheme; P2P network; MP3 steganography algorithm; cryptography protocol; multilevel security access control policy processing method; and vehicular network.

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  • An improved image watermarking algorithm based on NMF and DWT
  • Cluster system for binary data frame
  • Attribute-based hash proof system
  • A highly stable R-diode-based physical unclonable function
  • Content-based audio watermarking method to resist de-synchronization attacks
  • Achieve distributed, scalable and effective access control in cloud storage services
  • RS erasure coding replica placement strategy based on education resources management
  • An achievable secrecy capacity region for multiple-access wiretap channel with common message and side information
  • A novel authentication protocol for mobile nodes in multi-base-station wireless sensor network
  • Extended visual cryptography scheme with aspect ratio invariant
  • A selection algorithm for firewall in distributed environment
  • A fully secure identity-based encryption scheme against chosen-ciphertext attack
  • Fast searching optimal negative surveys
  • A chord-based load balancing algorithm for P2P network
  • Improved cryptanalytic of time-memory trade-off based on rainbow table
  • Digital encrypt watermarking based on wavelet transform
  • Research on monitoring probe deployment in large scale network
  • A binary tree authentication scheme based on multi-biometrics
  • Multilevel threshold multi-secret sharing scheme based on LUC public key encryption
  • A security routing protocol of ad hoc network based on node trust evalution
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