International Conference on Cyberspace Technology (CCT 2014)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 8-10 Nov. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-928-5
  • Conference number: CP656
  • The following topics are dealt with: electronic commerce; advertising; cognitive radio network; frequency modulation; resource allocation; MIMO-OFDMA system; space-time codes; routing protocol; video recognition; data mining; immune artificial fish swarm optimization; optical networks; VANET; image segmentation; negative permeability metamaterials; virtualized cloud environment; Big Data system; optimal power control; LTE networks; Zigbee signal; face recognition; power allocation; wireless sensor networks; Android applications; multipath channel; access control; ant colony algorithm; object tracking; neural network; lookup table; optical communication; and congestion control.

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  • A method based on MD5 and time for preventing deception in electronic commerce
  • An android-based approach for automatic unit test
  • A recommend system for modelling large-scale advertising
  • A centralized home gateway architecture based on the analysis of user log
  • The analysis and implementation of Alljoyn based thin client communication system with heartbeat function
  • A cognitive radio network spectrum balanced allocation algorithm combined spectrum sensing and priority
  • ADF4350-Based Frequency Modulation Transmitter Design
  • Low computational complexity of resource allocation for the MIMO-OFDMA system
  • A constellation design based on direct insertion and decoding algorithm for noncoherent unitary space-time codes
  • Efficiency analysis of opportunistic routing protocol in wireless multi-hop networks
  • A novel video based face detection algorithm
  • Horror video recognition based on fuzzy evolution
  • Improved transmission schemes and scheduling of the downlink COMP based on static cluster
  • A distributed 3D scene modeling framework based on three-layer ontology
  • A novel inter-satellite routing protocol based on link recognizing
  • HNSARA: a history-and-node-state-based active routing algorithm for DTN
  • PSO-based proactive routing in delay tolerant network
  • Study on data mining applications in function calling path testing
  • An attack-aware routing algorithm based on immune artificial fish swarm optimization in optical networks
  • Comparative study of VANET routing protocols
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