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2014 International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT 2014)

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  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Conference date: 15-17 May 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-843-1
  • Conference number: CP650
  • The following topics are dealt with: computer communication technology; information theory; network and information security.

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  • A low-time-delay scheduling algorithm for video on demand service over P2P networks
  • Adaptive decoding algorithm based on multiplicity order of candidate sequences for TPC
  • Joint cell association, component carrier selection and beamforming on carrier aggregated channels in heterogeneous networks
  • A new fast, accurate frequency estimator based on DFT
  • A new multi-node cooperative interference detection and recognition algorithm based on svm
  • A ML method for TDOA and FDOA localization in the presence of receiver and calibration source location errors
  • Uniformly Bound-Growing Network Models and Their Spanning Trees
  • Multipath transport based on application-level relay service and traffic optimization
  • Multipath Mitigation Technique for Sine-phased Binary Offset Carrier Signal
  • Research on the disk array technology based on the GPU
  • Research on delay calibration method of VLBI terminal device
  • Research on delay ambiguity solving method based on chinese remainder theorem
  • Minimal sampling for direction of arrival estimation using finite rate of innovation principle
  • Optimal Energy Efficient Strategy for Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Networks
  • Cooperative spectrum sensing based on node recognition in cognitive radio networks
  • A mobility and load aware OLSR routing protocol for UAV mobile ad-hoc networks
  • A modified SNR estimation algorithm based on singular value decomposition
  • Fast intra-prediction mode decision algorithm in HEVC for depth map coding
  • BER performance analysis of distributed antenna systems over composite channels
  • Efficient load balancing multipath algorithm for fiber-wireless network virtualization
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