5th Brunei International Conference on Engineering and Technology (BICET 2014)

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  • Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
  • Conference date: 1-3 Nov. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-991-9
  • Conference number: CP649

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  • One-dimensional numerical model for tidal waves on estuaries
  • An improved computer model for ILS glideslope evaluation
  • Implementation of green construction assessment system in construction project in Indonesia
  • Relational integration for sustainable infrastructure
  • Brownfields regeneration as a smart growth option and building technologies: The case study of “La Goccia Di Bovisa” in Milano
  • Production strategies for maximizing recovery from a strong bottom water drive reservoir
  • Changes in biomass composition, enzymatic hydrolysis and calculated ethanol yields with genotypic variation of corn
  • Challenges in non-point source pollution - sampling and testing
  • Prandtl number effect on heatline and entropy generation through direct absorption solar collector
  • Supply of conditioned gas to the new power plant: option study analysis
  • Structure-property relationship in Mg-doped La0.75Sr0.25Mn0.5Cr0.5O3 anode for solid oxide fuel cell
  • Ankur: Bangla online character recognition
  • Meeting additional power demand and improving power system reliability and availability
  • Design low noise figure phemt lna using inductive drain feedback for WIMAX application
  • On the determination of penetration losses of microwave signals in different building materials
  • Measurement and mitigation of magnetic field of a microwave oven
  • PiBrain - a cost-effective supercomputer for educational use
  • A comparison of five free software solutions for generating realistic human head models from magnetic resonance imaging
  • Detecting book return patterns from library circulation data
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment of an industrial building in peninsular Malaysia
  • Optimizing signal timing: an efficient way to handle traffic congestion in developing countries
  • Evaluating pedestrian crossing speed distribution: a case study Of Shah Alam
  • Comparison of engineering options for seawater intrusion control at river mouths
  • Proposal of supercontinuum generated microstructure optical fiber for ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography
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