National Conference on Challenges in Research & Technology in the Coming Decades (CRT 2013)

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  • Location: Ujire, India
  • Conference date: 27-28 Sept. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-868-4
  • Conference number: CP648
  • The following topics are dealt with: research and technology; basic science; civil engineering; mechanical engineering; communication engineering; electrical engineering; electronics engineering; computer science; applied science.

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  • CUP-disk segmentation and fractal dimension to detect glaucomatous eyes
  • Ensuring data storage in cloud computing for distributed using high security password
  • Mitigating wireless network interface card energy consumption in mobile devices
  • Enhancing energy efficiency using multipath routing in wireless sensor networks
  • PQ key-a novel key generation algorithm for processing big data using quantum computing
  • Implementing privacy in wireless sensor networks
  • Secure data transmission in wireless networks using SRTN scheduling algorithm
  • A review: Data transmission techniques over the network by using steganography
  • Medical data mining and analysis for heart disease dataset using classification techniques
  • Research on application of intrusion detection system in data mining
  • A review: preserving privacy in wireless sensor networks
  • A novel approach for detection and localization of caption in video based on pixel pairs
  • S-band compact microstrip antenna with slots
  • The study on effect of lens parameters on the performance of plasmonic lens
  • Observer design for the estimation of angle of attack in a satellite attitude control application
  • Two element self-similar plus shape fractal antenna for wireless applications
  • A novel data hiding technique
  • Design and simulation of synchronous reference frame based shunt active power filter using simulink
  • Interconnect crosstalk noise estimation for high speed integrated circuits
  • Can existing thermal plants be upgraded as integrated solar-coal hybrid thermal power plants for green power generation - a national challenge
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