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Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Information Technology (CIIT 2013)

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  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Conference date: 18-19 Oct. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-859-2
  • Conference number: CP646
  • The following topics are dealt with: computational intelligence; information technology; signal processing; image processing; power electronics; communication engineering; digital electronics; power systems; electrical machines; wireless networks; ad-hoc networks; cellular communication; data security; cryptography; steganography; cloud computing; VLSI and logic circuits; data structure; cognitive radio; artificial neural networks; Web services; social engineering; genetic algorithm; query and natural language processing; optimization techniques; data mining; Internet technology; health care system; traffic analysis; computer vision; grid computing; biometric detection; control system; and antenna design.

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  • An efficient and shortest path selection primary-segmented backup algorithm for real-time communication in multi-hop networks
  • A heuristic approach to solve multistage transmission expansion planning
  • Fast Devanagari numerals recognition using improved foreground sub-sampling technique
  • Analysis of variable mobility rate, nodes and transmission range on ad hoc routing protocols
  • A novel approach for searching of a color facial image based on the similarity of complexion
  • Three switch cell soft-switching resonant buck converter for point-of-load application
  • Biogeography based optimization approach to optimal short term hydrothermal scheduling
  • Experimental investigations on flux estimation of a variable frequency IM drive
  • A comprehensive presentation to XACML
  • Twitter based TV rating system
  • Modified cross-over techniques in genetic algorithm for performance enhancement of retinal image classification system
  • An efficient data embedding scheme for digital images based on particle swarm optimization with LSBMR
  • Comparative performance analysis of GZRP, AOMDV and DSR in MANETs
  • Implementation of session initiation protocol on voice over IP network
  • Resource requirement prediction techniques for near miss clone jobs
  • Time stamp based cross layer MANET security protocol
  • Reverse proxy framework using sanitization technique for intrusion prevention in database
  • Spatially aware recommendations using K-d trees
  • Attribute reduction algorithm for inconsistent information system using rough set theory
  • A modified technique for the optimal design of combinational digital circuits with multiplexers using genetic algorithm
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