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11th International Symposium on Operations Research and its Applications in Engineering, Technology and Management 2013 (ISORA 2013)

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  • Location: Huangshan, China
  • Conference date: 23-25 Aug. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-713-7
  • Conference number: CP644
  • The following topics are dealt with: operations research; emergency management; learning (artificial intelligence); support vector machine; and social network.

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  • Optimization model and simulation for improving ambulance service system
  • Color calibration model of skin lesion images for computer-aided diagnostic
  • The multi-covering emergency service facility location problem with considering disaster losses
  • Resource loading: applications and complexity analysis
  • Robust P-Median Model for Facility Location Problem Based on Scenario Analysis in Emergency Management
  • Lower bounds for the multislope ski-rental problem
  • Reliable telecommunication network design problem under node failure
  • Investigating major factors to affect human casualties of natural disasters and reviewing recovery policies
  • Joint pricing and production decisions for new and remanufactured products
  • Communication leading to coalition Nash equilibrium II: S4N-knowledge case
  • Integer Linear Programming for Transforming Pairwise Based Results to the Original Ratings
  • Enumeration of region partitioning for evacuation planning based on ZDD
  • Performance evaluation for the energy saving mode for DRX in LTE systems
  • The Phase 1 Simplex Algorithm on the Objective Hyperplane
  • Mathematical models for the best water usage strategy
  • Wake homing torpedo confronts with warship based on game theory
  • A universal model with arithmetic of two turn angle shooting for predetermined encountering state
  • Optimization methods on the planning of the time slots in TD-SCDMA system
  • Inverse DEA Model with Considering Returns to Scale and Elasticity
  • A minimum cost k-reliable network interdiction model
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