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5th IET Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference (HEVC 2014)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 5-6 Nov. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-911-7
  • Conference number: CP638
  • The following topics are dealt with: hybrid and electric vehicles; subsystems and components; control; infrastructure; real world experience; policy; reliability and safety; modelling and simulation.

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  • Sensors-models trade-offs in battery state estimation
  • Development of off-road hybrid-electric powertrains and review of emerging battery chemistries
  • Design and evaluation of a Turbo-Generator as an Auxiliary Power Unit for hybrid vehicles
  • A review of the installation and monitoring of Electric Vehicle Charge Points at London Underground car parks
  • Optimization and management of energy power flow in hybrid electrical vehicles
  • Effects of customer use on emissions for optimised operation HEV
  • On Model-Based Design for Fast-Prototyping Battery Management Systems
  • Range Extended for Electric Vehicle Based on Driver Behaviour
  • Traction batteries made up of dissimilar cells
  • Investigating the Evolution of E-Mobility in its Urban Context A longitudinal study in Newcastle-Gateshead Area
  • Mobile Energy Disseminators increase electrical vehicles range in a smart city
  • Using virtual environments as a tool to evaluate electric vehicle sounds
  • Selected Results from a Large-Scale Field Operational Test with Electric Vehicles in Germany and France
  • The Case of Barbados: The role of electric vehicles in creating a sustainable and integrated energy system for small island states
  • Model based analysis of policy options for E-mobility and related infrastructure in the EU
  • What impact will the journey patterns of electric vehicles have on their capability to provide ancillary services?
  • The future of sustainable urban freight distribution: a Delphi study of the drivers and barriers of electric vehicles in London
  • Simultaneous Electric Vehicles Scheduling and Optimal Charging in the Business Context: Case Study
  • A Procedure for Practical Prognostics and Health Monitoring of Fully Electric Vehicles for Enhanced Safety and Reliability
  • Investigation of human exposure to magnetic fields from electrical powertrains: measured exposure levels and simulated impact on human body
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