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IET International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City 2013 (ICSSC 2013)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 19-20 Aug. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-707-6
  • Conference number: CP635
  • The following topics are dealt with: smart and sustainable city; modeling, and simulation of complex city; sensing and Internet of Things; cloud computing and big data; and social network analysis and data mining.

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  • Research of building model reconstruction based on adaptive clustering
  • A novel liquid level monitoring sensor system using a fiber bragg grating
  • 3D sound rendering for virtual environments with octree
  • Door wave home automation system
  • Simplification of point cloud data based on gaussian curvature
  • Design of converting low-rate speech codec between AMBE and G.729
  • Target positioning of multiple cameras for dense crowd based on line-of-sight constraint
  • A rule-based instantaneous denoising method for impulsive noise removal in range images
  • Filtering outliers using statistical analysis on neighbors distances
  • Vehicle logo recognition based on deep learning architecture in video surveillance for intelligent traffic system
  • The light-weighting realization of video structured description on android-based terminals
  • Medical image enhancement based on NSCT
  • A robust pitch tracking method in noisy environment
  • Intensive land use planning for Langfang based on GIS
  • Digital video channel performance analysis based on eye map
  • An improved Reed-Solomon coding based on channel-assisted power loading algorithm RSOA-based IMDD OFDM transmission system
  • Techniques of optimizing low bit rate sinusoidal transform coding
  • Face orientation detection in video stream based on harr-like feature and LQV classifier for civil video surveillance
  • Analysis of BER performance in DDO-OFDM
  • Distortion optimized and energy-efficient dynamic video scheduling in virtualized data centers
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