12th IET International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP 2014)

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  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Conference date: 31 March-3 April 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-834-9
  • Conference number: CP626
  • The following topics are dealt with: HVDC grids; functional integration of utility and railway systems; testing procedures and validation using IEC 61850; fault location in transmission and distribution systems; distribution and LV networks; wide area and system integrity protection schemes; smart grids and microgrids; protection of mixed line (cable/overhead line); protection of network stability and low inertia; operation and protection of systems with renewable generation; and design and application of integrated systems.

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  • Distance Protection of Cross-Bonded Transmission Cable-Systems
  • Implementation of an Automatic FLIR-scheme in a 20 kV Distribution Grid
  • Disturbances and blackouts - lessons learned to master the energy turnaround
  • On-line Evaluation and Verification of Protection Relay Settings - Design and Field Experience
  • Differential Protection for Converter Transformers
  • Optimal Power Flow and Operating Policies for Autonomous Power Systems with High RES Penetration
  • Impact of steam turbine valve closure on a synchronous machine and its reverse power protection
  • Hardware prototype and real-time validation of the satellite communication based loss-of-mains protection
  • Load blinding stabilisation for DOC relays subjected to reverse load flow
  • Design of a Distance Protection Relay based on Industrial Automation Technology and IEC 61850
  • Preliminary evaluation of optically-interrogated Rogowski coils: compliance with power system protection classes
  • Engineer, document and maintain IEC 61850 based protection systems
  • Coordinated Backup Protection Scheme for Smart Substation
  • Substation Time Synchronization in Today and Future Architectures
  • Cable monitoring solution - predict with certainty
  • Electrical Integration in Oil & Gas Integrated Control and Safety System using IEC 61850
  • Future proof system design methodology using abstract system design objects
  • Description, Setting and Secondary Testing of a digital protective relaying system
  • The Research, Design and Practice of the Online Special Protection Systems
  • PSCAD modeling of doubly fed induction generators for wind turbines application
  • Directional pilot protection method for distribution grid with DG
  • Localization Method for the Resistive Earth Faults in Compensated Network Based on Simultaneous Earth Faults Evaluation
  • A Study on the Fault Characteristics of Line Fault in LVDC Distribution System
  • Earthing System Analysis to Improve Protection System Performance in Distribution Networks
  • Assessment of Voltage Control Techniques for Low Voltage Networks
  • Sensitivity Assessment of Lightning-Induced Surges in Distribution Feeders Using ATP
  • Monte Carlo study on impact of electric vehicles and heat pumps on LV feeder voltages
  • Operation Risk Assessment for Distribution System with Photovoltaic Substation Connections
  • Accurate Single-ended Data based Fault Location Method for Multi-Source and Multi-branch Distribution Network
  • Novel Faulty Feeder Identification Scheme in the Neutral Un-effectively Grounded Distribution Networks
  • Novel methodology for analysis and study of distribution feeder performance against lightning disturbances
  • Analysis of Efficiency for AC and DC Load in LVDC Distribution System
  • Directional Inverse Time Overcurrent Relay for Meshed Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation with Additional Continuous Relay Settings
  • Analysis of Fault Characteristics in LVDC Distribution System using Laplace Transform
  • Influence of Distributed Power Generation Sources on Improvement of Power Supply Availability in Telecom Infrastructure
  • A novel disturbance identification method based on empirical mode decomposition for HVDC transmission line protection
  • Research of Algorithm and Analysis of Performance for DC Surge Impedance Relay
  • A Hybrid Protection Scheme Based on Integrated Impedance for ±800kV UHVDC Transmission Line
  • Reduced Modular Multilevel Converter Model to Evaluate Fault Transients in DC Grids
  • Concerns about protection schemes in Interconnected operation of the island of Crete
  • Projected unscented Kalman filter for dynamic state estimation and bad data detection in power system
  • A New and Fast Method of Determining the Faulted Circuit in the Parallel Lines with use of One-end Current Measurements
  • A Novel Matrix Pencil Method for Real-time Power Frequency Phasor Estimation under Power System Transients
  • An automatic fault diagnosis solution for electrical power systems
  • Approximation of Parameters of Fundamental Component Of Secondary Current Distorted by CT Saturation
  • A New Transformer Differential Protection based on Principal Component Analysis
  • A novel principle dispensing with data synchronization for distributed bus protection
  • A CT Saturation Detection Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transformation
  • Application of optimization techniques in development of new protection algorithms for MV distribution feeders
  • An Adaptive Step-Size Least Mean Square Algorithm for Electric Power Systems Frequency Estimation in protective relays
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