12th IET International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP 2014)

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  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Conference date: 31 March-3 April 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-834-9
  • Conference number: CP626
  • The following topics are dealt with: HVDC grids; functional integration of utility and railway systems; testing procedures and validation using IEC 61850; fault location in transmission and distribution systems; distribution and LV networks; wide area and system integrity protection schemes; smart grids and microgrids; protection of mixed line (cable/overhead line); protection of network stability and low inertia; operation and protection of systems with renewable generation; and design and application of integrated systems.

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  • DC series arc generation, characteristic and modelling with arc demonstrator and shaking table
  • Power Frequency Zero-Sequence Directional Element for Parallel Transmission Lines
  • Fault section identification method for mixed line in AC transmission system
  • Protection of mixed overhead and underground cable lines
  • Comparison of different methods to limit short circuit currents in DC traction networks
  • Risk Assessment Analysis to Find Optimum ROCOF Protection Settings
  • Smart DC node to recharge electric vehicles from PV power, electric railway systems and secondary distribution network: assessment of fault currents
  • Electrical protection in a smart dc node that feeds electric vehicles charging stations
  • Adaptability analysis for fault component protection under large scale wind power penetration
  • Application of IEEE1588 in Time Synchronizing System of Smart Distribution Grid
  • Adaptive protection scheme for smart grids
  • A Scheme for Detecting DC Series Arc Faults in Low Voltage Distribution System
  • Recloser-fuse coordination protection for distributed generation systems: methodology and priorities for optimal disconnections
  • Black Start Studies for Micro-grids with Distributed Generators
  • A fault analysis method for microgrids consisting of inverter interfaced distributed generators
  • The Case Study Based Protection Analysis for Smart Distribution Grids Including Distributed Generation Units
  • Principle and Implementation of Substation-Area Backup Protection for Digital Substation
  • Coordination of directional overcurrent relays in meshed power systems using hybrid genetic algorithm optimization
  • Microprocessor-based Protection Scheme for High-voltage Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactors
  • Examining the Fault Behaviour of a Superconducting DC Network
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