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IET International Radar Conference 2013

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  • Location: Xi'an, China
  • Conference date: 14-16 April 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-603-1
  • Conference number: CP617
  • The following topics are dealt with: bioradar data processing; holographic subsurface imaging radar; precipitation radar; navigation radar signal acquisition; antenna switching; marine radar antenna height design; ground penetrating radar; FMCW automotive radar; compressed sensing; GPS; and radar waveform design.

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  • Scale characteristic of sea surface backscattering echo
  • Comparison study of two approaches for bioradar data processing
  • Research on implementation of elementary symmetric function in GM-CPHD filter
  • Multiple manoeuvring targets tracking via GM-PHD and IMM-SB/MHT
  • CRB of target location and velocity estimation in MIMO radar
  • Impact of spatially and temporally nonstationary clutter on covariance matrix estimation
  • Holographic subsurface imaging radar for applications in civil engineering
  • Analysis of Clutter Characteristics of Integrated Sensor Is Structure
  • Effect of temporal variation in tropospheric refractive index on GEOCSAR imaging
  • Adaptive radar detection for targets in compound-gaussian clutter with inverse-gamma texture
  • A Range-variant Channel-calibration Algorithm for the Multi-channel in Azimuth HRWS SAR Imaging
  • Edge detection for polarimetric SAR images combining adaptive optimal polarimetric contrast enhancement and ROA operator
  • Forest and non-forest discrimination using PolSAR data based on K-Wishart distribution
  • Automatic local thresholding algorithm for SAR image edge detection
  • Dynamic programming algorithm for the detection of air dim target
  • Enhancement imaging on multi-path signals in ultra-wideband radar
  • Estimating radial velocity for ground moving targets from multi-channel SAR by spectral estimation
  • Quaternion based micro-Doppler simulation of ballistic targets
  • A novel ultra-wide swath SAR based on variable PRF and digital beamforming
  • Difference pattern synthesis through adding fictitious jammers
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