IET Conference on Control and Automation 2013: Uniting Problems and Solutions

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 4-5 June 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-710-6
  • Conference number: CP612
  • The following topics are dealt with: security, process control and optimisation; power systems; instrumentation, control and asset management; and robotics.

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  • Identification and control of a continuously variable transmission for bicycles
  • Integrated navigation and control system for an uninhabited surface vehicle based on interval Kalman filtering and model predictive control
  • Altitude Control of a Satellite Using a Feedback Linearization
  • Closed loop identification of an uninhabited surface vehicle
  • Fault diagnosis of brushless DC motor for an aircraft actuator using a neural wavelet network
  • Modelling and Identification of a DC-DC Boost Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
  • Intelligent coordinate control over cooperative micro robots for nondestructive testing of large steel plates
  • Model checking For Improved Adaptive Behaviour
  • Fault Detection of Induction Machine using Semi-Classical Signal Analysis Method
  • A Dual Phase Modular Fuzzy Control Structure for an Automode Wheelchair in Ascending and Descending Stairs
  • Development of industrial cyber security standards: IEC 62443 for scada and industrial control system security
  • Real-time motion control over switched industrial Ethernet utilising IEEE1588 synchronisation
  • Control of polyolefin production plants: practical examples from nonlinear model predictive control to monitoring instrumentation
  • A Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis LED Lighting System for Increasing Reliability in Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Receding Horizon Optimization of Petroleum Reservoir Waterflooding Using Sequential Quadratic Programming
  • Optimised multivariable nonlinear predictive control for coupled tank applications
  • Operator effectiveness: The next step in improving plant
  • Control and instrumentation of the ITER coil power supply system
  • Robust fuzzy control of PV systems with parametric uncertainties
  • Performance and implementability comparison of event-sampling based control schemes
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