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26th International Conference on Electrical Contacts (ICEC 2012)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 14-17 May 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-508-9
  • Conference number: CP605
  • The following topics are dealt with: arcing; environmental effects; sliding contact; reliability; life and fault; fretting; relays; fault detection; and nanomaterials.

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  • RF current produced from DC electrical arcing
  • Study on the reliability test and failure analysis of automotive relays at high temperature
  • A 'Universal' life-test system for electromechanical relays
  • Degradation failure model of electromagnetic relay
  • Contact spot temperature and the temperature of external surfaces in an electrical connection
  • Experimental and numerical studies of a multi-leaf clamped lap joint design for aluminium bus bar applications
  • Modelling of spring type electrical contacts
  • Optimal design and analysis system of AC solenoid valve
  • Experimental and simulated force-displacement relations under cyclic bending deformation of copper-based spring materials
  • Modeling study of the amount of wear in sliding electric contact
  • Contact behavior of electrical vehicle-battery junction box under high shorting and breaking current
  • New contacting solutions for high voltage ZnO varistors
  • Study on detection technology of the contact pressure on the electrical contacts of relays
  • Test stand for testing contacts of switches in a fixed household electrical installations
  • Study on digital controller of multi-task interleaving parallel BUCK modules
  • A correlation of silver tin indium oxide-copper composite rivet interface bond quality and switching endurance life in DC relays
  • A study of switching time and light emission during carbon contact separation
  • Influence of electromagnetic pulse on electromagnetic relay by using equivalent circuit model
  • Progress In fabrication technology of silver-based contact materials with particular account of the Ag-Re and Ag-SnO2Bi2O3 composites
  • Advanced silver-tin oxide contact materials for relay application
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