IET International Conference on Radar Systems (Radar 2012)

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 22-25 Oct. 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-676-5
  • Conference number: CP603
  • The following topics are dealt with: radar system; passive radar; synthetic aperture radar; radar resource management; MIMO; clutter; detection CFAR; multistatic radar; tracking; waveform; electronic countermeasures; STAP; antenna; target recognition; and ultra wide band radar.

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  • Cleopatra: a novel approach to airborne radar simulation
  • Signal processing for wind turbine interference mitigation in Doppler weather radars: data synthesis, clutter detector performance, and spectral interpolation in range-azimuth-Doppler
  • Mean normalization method for RFI suppression in UWB through-wall radar
  • Fast frequency invariant transmit beampattern synthesis for wideband MIMO radar
  • Performance analysis of one dimensional radar imaging based on sparse and non-uniform frequency samplings
  • Finite element analysis of a high power broadband circulator for air traffic surveillance radar
  • The radar signature of the wind lens: a less disruptive wind turbine?
  • Filter before Stolt migration of pulse signals measured by cross-borehole radar
  • Angle and polarization estimation using ESPRIT with polarimetric MIMO radar
  • Limitations of time-reversal approach to buried object detection in the soil
  • Modelling and simulation in commensal radar system design
  • VHF airborne passive bistatic radar ground clutter investigation
  • Multiple targets three-dimensional localization for bistatic MIMO radar using transmit circular array
  • BFISAR signal modelling and image reconstruction
  • Insertion phase variation as a function of the voltage switching power supply of LDMSOS and GaN transistors for radar stability
  • Phenomenology of signals in FSR for surface targets detection
  • Impulse fuse echo recovery using compressive sensing
  • Floating target abnormal detection based on three united features
  • Radar imaging with compressed sensing for detecting moving targets behind walls
  • Design and use of a mobile, X-band, high range resolution, radar research facility
  • Close-to-hardware error analysis for real-time wavenumber domain processing
  • Random range sidelobes analysis and suppression in airborne passive radar
  • Imaging of micromotion targets with unknown number of rotating parts based on time-frequency analysis
  • A radar ECCM method based on orthogonal pulse block and two-dimensional frequency domain motion compensation
  • Modelling the AFIT random noise radar
  • Long range FM-based passive radar
  • Ship structure extraction in ISAR image sequences by a Markovian approach
  • Novel waveform for magnetron radar
  • Hardware in the loop radar environment simulation on wideband DRFM platforms
  • HRR radar imaging based on compressed samples using dynamic dictionaries
  • Target estimation improvement of GSM Passive Coherent Location system
  • Distributed ISAR focusing for targets undergoing 3D motion
  • Optimisation of the ambiguity function of short-dwell arbitrary pulsed waveforms
  • Design aspects and characterised performance of a wideband DRFM for radar test and evaluation
  • A multi-band multi-beam software-defined passive radar. Part I: System design
  • Passive ISAR imaging of ships by using DVB-T signals
  • Use of short-term polynomial phase estimation for new electronic warfare systems
  • High-resolution moving train imaging by Ku-band radar with 4GHz signal bandwidth
  • Performance analysis of the full coherent netted radar system
  • Multipath height finding of a point scatterer in a 3-D marine scene
  • A general bistatic SAR focusing algorithm for azimuth variant and invariant configurations
  • On a blind zone elimination method based on partial compression filter design using random waveforms for monostatic pulsed radars
  • STAP performance of sea clutter suppression in dependency of the grazing angle and swell direction for high resolution bandwidth
  • Simple disambiguation of orthogonal projection in Kalman's filter derivation
  • A multi-band multi-beam software-defined passive radar. Part II: Signal processing
  • Bistatic VHF/UHF-band airborne SAR experiment
  • Adaptive sidelobes reduction method for stepped frequency continuous waveform radar
  • A comparison of contemporary space-time adaptive processing techniques for GMTI
  • Doppler ambiguity correction based on keystone transform for wideband radar
  • Biphase codes with selective autocorrelation sidelobe minimization
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