IET International Conference on Radar Systems (Radar 2012)

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 22-25 Oct. 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-676-5
  • Conference number: CP603
  • The following topics are dealt with: radar system; passive radar; synthetic aperture radar; radar resource management; MIMO; clutter; detection CFAR; multistatic radar; tracking; waveform; electronic countermeasures; STAP; antenna; target recognition; and ultra wide band radar.

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  • Classification aspects of Passive Bistatic Radar based on DVB-T
  • Experimental verification of high resolution GMTI radar
  • Compact size asymmetric linearly tapered slot antenna for portable ultra-wideband imaging radar system
  • Incorporating target recognition technology into tracker radars
  • Antenna beam alignment for a spaceborne dual-antenna single-pass interferometric SAR
  • Evaluation of the information content of wideband and ultra-wideband radar returns from an F14, F15 and F16 using asymptotic electromagnetic techniques
  • Echoic flow for autonomous navigation
  • Analysis of the effect of wind turbines in SAR images
  • Efficient algorithm for high-resolution two targets angles estimation using four subapertures
  • Frequency allocation challenges for ultra-wideband radars
  • Human echolocation waveform analysis
  • On ship signatures in multi-aperture SAR images
  • A wideband antenna array for DVB-T based passive bistatic radar applications
  • Wide bandwidth receiver linearisation
  • Design and performance evaluation of a FM /DAB / DVB-T multi-illuminator passive radar system
  • PHAROS - a SAR concept to accelerate advanced exploitation
  • Wideband joint range-velocity-acceleration ambiguity function of stepped frequency signal
  • Generic utility definition for mission-driven resource allocation
  • Necessity analysis of echo generation in SAR simulation for forest application
  • Moving target detection and imaging using GSM-based passive radar
  • GLRT for two moving target models in multi-aperture SAR imagery
  • A case study of target visibility using ambiguous MPRF measurement data
  • An optimal assignment scheduler for multifunction phased array radars
  • An advanced range equation for geosynchronous SAR image formation
  • Signals and data fusion in a deployable multiband passive-active radar (DMPAR)
  • The airborne SAR-System: RAMSES NG airborne microwave remote sensing imaging system
  • Optimization of surveillance beam parameters for phased array radars
  • Shared resources for airborne multifunction sensor systems
  • A high-range-resolution method by using Wiener filter for synthetic bandwidth radars
  • Localization of moving targets with a passive radar system based on WiFi transmissions
  • Coherence aspects of GMTI using MSAR
  • Resource allocation in radar networks for non-coherent localization
  • Expected likelihood for compressive sensing-based DOA estimation
  • Modified linear prediction algorithm with low bias estimator
  • The parametric model of non-uniformly distributed scattering centers
  • The sea-spike from breaking waves in bistatic configuration (forward propagation)
  • A novel simulation method of ground clutter for airborne pulse Doppler radars
  • Mitigating interference via spatial and spectral nulls
  • Application of distributed compressed sensing for GMTI purposes
  • ARTA process model of maritime clutter and targets
  • MIMO imaging radar with enhanced range-azimuth sidelobe suppression
  • Instrument concept for the proposed DESDynI SAR instrument
  • Comparison of MLFMM, PO and SBR for RCS investigations in radar applications
  • An empirical model for bistatic sea clutter normalised radar cross section
  • Modified stepped-frequency SAR imaging algorithm with frequency-domain spectrum reconstruction
  • 2D-MUSIC technique applied to a coherent FMCW MIMO radar
  • Staggered-SAR for high-resolution wide-swath imaging
  • Multiple purpose hardware for sensors at 100 GHz
  • Bistatic forward-looking SAR imaging based on an improved two dimension spectrum
  • MIMO multipath clutter mitigation for GMTI automotive radar in urban environments
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