IET International Conference on Radar Systems (Radar 2012)

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 22-25 Oct. 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-676-5
  • Conference number: CP603
  • The following topics are dealt with: radar system; passive radar; synthetic aperture radar; radar resource management; MIMO; clutter; detection CFAR; multistatic radar; tracking; waveform; electronic countermeasures; STAP; antenna; target recognition; and ultra wide band radar.

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  • Enhanced detection of weak radar pulses using kurtosis statistics
  • Implementation of RF circuitry for real-time digital beam-forming SAR calibration schemes
  • I-Master radar: recent trials results
  • Efficient parameter estimation based SAR-CFAR detection algorithm for non-homogeneous clutter environment
  • Clutter mitigation by null constraint coherent integration under various conditions
  • Radio frequency interference reduction for HF surface wave radar applications
  • An analytical modelling of geometrical warp for general SAR images
  • Evaluation of different super-resolution techniques for automotive applications
  • Target detection with function of covariance matrices under clutter environment
  • An over-the-horizon radar performance assessment module for use in cognitive radar
  • Studying CSAR systems using IRF-CSAR
  • Design of an ultra-efficient GaN high power amplifier for radar front-ends using active harmonic load-pull
  • An adaptive detection of spread targets in locally Gaussian ground clutter using a long integraton time
  • Determine a proper window length for singular spectrum analysis
  • Joint DOA and polarization estimation using MUSIC method in polarimetric MIMO radar
  • Joint DOD and DOA estimation for MIMO radar based on real-valued signal subspace
  • Passive WLAN radar network using compressed sensing
  • Evaluation of a geometrical autofocus algorithm within the framework of Fast Factorized Back-Projection
  • An adaptive strategy for particle initialization based on competitive mechanism
  • Propagation of false alarms through a binary integrator with range walk
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