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IET Conference on Image Processing (IPR 2012)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 3-4 July 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-632-1
  • Conference number: CP600
  • The following topics are dealt with: image coding; image transmission; medical image processing; image registration; video signal processing; image feature filtering; image segmentation; image contrast enhancement; image watermarking; image forgery detection; colour texture segmentation; iris imagery; and face recognition.

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  • Dyadic wavelets and dct based blind copy-move image forgery detection
  • Preliminary evaluation of multispectral iris imagery
  • Digital image ownership verification based on spatial correlation of colors
  • Skin detection using color processing mechanism inspired by the visual system
  • Discriminative training of patch-based models using joint boosting for occupant classification
  • High precision and low power DCT architectures for image compression applications
  • Validating the neutrosophic approach of MRI denoising based on structural similarity
  • An improved enhancement of degraded binary text document images using morphological and single scale retinex operations
  • A genetic based generic filter for image impulse noise reduction
  • A combined image approach to compression of volumetric data using delaunay tetrahedralization
  • Surrey University Library for Forensic Analysis (SULFA) of video content
  • Model, predict and test: towards a rigorous process for acquisition of object detection and recognition algorithms for un-manned air vehicle applications
  • A new mutual information based similarity measure for medical image registration
  • Multi-resolution, perceptual and compressive sampling based image codec
  • Depth estimation from a video sequence with moving and deformable objects
  • Advanced video camera identification using conditional probability features
  • Selectively filtering image features using a percentage occupancy hit-or-miss transform
  • Semi automated segmentation of chromosomes in metaphase cells
  • Low-complexity lossy image coding through a near-optimal general embedded quantizer
  • Inter-description motion vector redundancy control for scalable multiple description video coding
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