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International Conference on Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI 2012)

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  • Location: Xiamen, China
  • Conference date: 3-5 March 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-537-9
  • Conference number: CP598
  • The following topics are dealt with: automatic control; linear systems and control; predictive control; networked control systems; robust control; intelligent control; nonlinear systems and control; stochastic systems; neural networks; remote and supervisory control; fuzzy systems and control; agent-based and multiagent systems; knowledge representation; machine learning; and planning and scheduling uncertainty in artificial intelligence.

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  • 3D location of non-cooperative circle target based on monocular vision and laser range finder
  • A local linear algorithm for calculating the pre-image in kernel PCA
  • EtherCAT-based functional safety-integrated communication
  • Evaluating Target Discovery Rate of AUV System
  • Exitence and uniqueness of forest insect pests model with growth function
  • Expansibility research of service robots communication protocol based on network calculus
  • Experimental study of spoiler influence to delta wing generated vortex in water towing tank
  • Experimental study on infrared changes in the progressive failure and stress distribution of bolted roadway
  • Eyebrow recognition using radon transform and sparsity preserving projections
  • Fault diagnosis in high voltage breakers based on IRBF neural network
  • Fault diagnosis of bearing based on support vector machine
  • A method based on the genetic algorithm of equilibrium traffic assignment problem
  • Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on multi sensor information fusion
  • FEA on vibration characteristics of an aeroengine turbine rotor
  • Feature extraction using supervised constrained maximum variance mapping
  • Find a multi-agent planning solution in nondeterministic domain
  • Finite element modelling and experimental investigation of low frequency electromagnetic technique in pipeline defect detection
  • Fish motion tracking based on RGB color space and interframe global nearest neighbour
  • Flexible flow line scheduling problems with re-entrant flows and queue-time constraints
  • Flight control design for UAV using hierarchical dynamic inversion
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