International Conference on Advanced Technology of Design and Manufacture (ATDM 2011)

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  • Location: Changzhou, China
  • Conference date: 3-5 Nov. 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-567-6
  • Conference number: CP596
  • The following topics are dealt with: advanced design technology; advanced manufacture technology; and advanced materials science and technology.

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  • Effect of laser surface hardening on pitting corrosion resistance of AM50 magnesium alloy
  • Fabrication of large scale superhydrophilic/superhydrophobic pipes
  • The effect of overheating treatment on the microstructure of TbDyFe alloys
  • Study on lubrication of large-scale numerical control radial-axial direction rolling ring machine
  • The design-manufacturing technology and the trends of the development of full automatic plane die-cutting machine
  • Study on choice of guide sleeve material based on 3D hybrid woven forming of composites
  • Optimization design and fracture analysis of shift fork shaft of the transmission
  • Numerical simulation study on gating and riser system of large complicated steel castings
  • Development of evaluation system for green product design based on energy consumption indicators
  • Study on automatic feeding in hot stamping production line
  • Transmission box lightweight analysis based on ANSYS workbench
  • Evaluate temperature distribution based on Douglas ADI
  • Optimization parameters of plastic injection process based on CAE analysis of injection defect
  • High strength steel in the application of lightweight design of loader boom
  • A simulation study on deformation behavior of IN690 superalloy tube during hot extrusion process
  • Grinding wheel dressing technology for gear form grinding machine tools
  • Discuss designing-method of transmission synchronizer
  • The application of virtual reality technology in platen die-cutting machine design-manufacturing
  • Issues and trends in powder injection molding research and applications
  • The application of sand-mold milling technology in the rapid manufacturing of automotive parts
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