11th IET International Conference on Developments in Power Systems Protection (DPSP 2012)

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 23-26 April 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-620-8
  • Conference number: CP593
  • The following topics are dealt with: smart grids; low carbon networks; transmission utility experience; railway system utility experience; transformer utility experience; feeder protection technique; wide-area protection; distributed generation protection impact; distributed generation control impact; wide-area situational awareness; software solution; reliability; availability; maintainability; IEC 61850 scheme; smart device engineering; and asset management strategies.

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  • Voltage unbalance protection VT and relay errors effect on unbalanced voltage detection; considerations for system relaying, stability and developments
  • Full H7 compliant trip circuit supervision using numerical relays
  • The comparison and analysis for loss of excitation protection schemes in generator protection
  • Impact of low burden on measurement transformer accuracy under steady state conditions
  • Fault location method using measurements of differential relays for parallel transmission lines with series capacitor compensation at both ends
  • Neutral Voltage Displacement (NVD) protection applied to condenser bushings (capacitor cones)
  • On modeling and simulating the differential protection of power transformers in ATP
  • Impact of IEC 61850 on the engineering of protection schemes
  • Prevention and protection of single-phase-to-ground fault in power distribution system with neutral non-effectively grounded
  • Currents sensors for advanced integration of protection, control, and metering functions
  • When existing recommendations for PST protection can let you down
  • Directional reactive power undervoltage protection - a protection concept for connecting decentralized renewable energy sources
  • Equivalent capacity of the lower voltage ride through for wind farm from overcurrent protection in power collection lines
  • High frequency fault location method for transmission lines based on artificial neural network and genetic algorithm using current signals only
  • Supervised shutdown algorithm for an off-shore wind power plant to meet the required ramp rate of a grid code in a storm-driven situation
  • New concept of power based pole slip protection for dispersed generators in smart grid environment
  • A new multi-criteria fuzzy logic transformer inrush restraint algorithm
  • A new method to identify inrush current by composite calculation
  • Distributed energy resources - testing issues
  • IEC 61850 communications based transmission line protection
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