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6th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2012)

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  • Location: Bristol, UK
  • Conference date: 27-29 March 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-616-1
  • Conference number: CP592
  • The following topics are dealt with: power electronics, machines and drives; converters for renewable energy systems; more electric aircraft drives; HVDC and FACTS; batteries and power management; industrial applications 1; wind 1: generators and design; electric vehicle drives; converters for energy systems; reluctance machines; managing power quality in generation systems; wind 2: modelling and optimisation; converters for transport; embedded and renewable generation; switched reluctance machines; and harmonics and EMC.

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  • Algorithm for asymmetric source configuration in a newly constructed multistring multilevel inverter topology
  • Analytical determination of the orthotropic material behavior of stator bars in the range of the end windings
  • Decoupled steady-state model of the modular multilevel converter with half-bridge cells
  • Fifteen years of operation at NASA's national transonic facility with the world's largest adjustable speed drive
  • High reliability piezoelectric fan cooling for electric machine thermal management
  • Design of a high power density multilevel phase module for MW-scale renewable energy applications
  • Experimental results on a 450 KW active stator machine in a regenerative test RIG
  • A simple capacitor voltage balancing scheme for the cascaded five-level inverter fed AC machine drive
  • Structural comparison of permanent magnet direct drive generator topologies for 5MW wind turbines
  • One-wire communication system for cryogenic converter control
  • Analysis and design of coupled inductor for a new single phase transformerless photovoltaic inverter topology
  • Fault-tolerant electrical machine design within a rotorcraft actuation drive system optimisation
  • Fault analysis in battery module design for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • 1MW multi-stage air-cored permanent magnet generator for wind turbines
  • DC fault ride-through capability and STATCOM operation of a hybrid voltage source converter arrangement for HVDC power transmission and reactive power compensation
  • A extended-range hybrid powered scooter
  • Evaluation of perturb and observe MPPT algorithm implementation techniques
  • Fully soft switched and high power factor AC-DC converter
  • Measurement of heat generation rate in the permanent magnets of rotating electrical machines
  • Trans-Z-source neutral point clamped inverter
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