4th IET International Conference on Wireless, Mobile & Multimedia Networks (ICWMMN 2011)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 27-30 Nov. 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-507-2
  • Conference number: CP591
  • The following topics are dealt with: communication networks; wireless communication; signal processing; speech processing; video processing; multimedia network service; ubiquitous computing; and new theories & technologies.

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  • Adaptive multiple level mobility anchor point selection scheme in HMIPv6
  • BER performance analysis of RCPC and PCCC codes for TETRA Release 2
  • A class of (3, k) quasi-cyclic LDPC codes from difference sequences with girth 8
  • Research of multi-path intrusion tolerance wireless transmission method toward remote island
  • Construction of nonbinary LDPC codes: prime difference approach
  • Construction of QC-LDPC codes based on PSO algorithm
  • Capacity degradation of representative antenna selection algorithms and an antenna selection scheme
  • MIMO interference alignment for cognitive radio network
  • Decoding algorithm and BER performance of interference alignment and cancellation system in MIMO networks
  • Sparse time-variant MIMO channel in high speed mobile scenario
  • Relaying Kalman filters for range-based sensor networks
  • Performance evaluation for high-speed railway mobile communication on HIL simulation platform
  • Adaptive initial ranging resource allocation algorithm in IEEE802.16 system
  • Spectrum sensing using two-stage detection to compensate for reduced primary user duty cycle
  • Polarization information based spectrum detection algorithm for cognitive radio
  • Multi-source cooperative MIMO cognitive network based on distributed interference alignment
  • Soft MIMO: A software radio implementation of 802.1 In based on Sora platform
  • Linear interference alignment based on signal and interference space ranks
  • Key parameters influence on wavelet based OFDM systems
  • Performance analysis of space-frequency coding in MIMO cognitive radios
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