IET International Communication Conference on Wireless Mobile and Computing (CCWMC 2011)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 14-16 Nov. 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-505-8
  • Conference number: CP589
  • The following topics are dealt with: radio spectrum management; video coding; green communication; LTE; mobile radio; signal processing; cognitive radio; wireless ad-hoc sensor network; MIMO; OFDM; passive optical networks; mobile computing and ubiquitous computing.

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  • Study of millimetre-wave generation based on optical frequency multiplication
  • Combined multi-stage MMSE and ML multiuser detection for underdetermined MIMO systems
  • An adaptive synchronization algorithm for non-contiguous OFDM cognitive radio systems
  • Orthogonal space-time block codes in MIMO-OFDM cognitive radio communication system
  • Research on time synchronization of Class B LXI bus
  • GPU-based background generation method
  • Adaptive weighted algorithm of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
  • Multiple view learning based on tabular data
  • Efficient resource allocation in cooperative cognitive radio networks: a coalitional game approach
  • Local transparency technique for heart model from VTK
  • Bandwidth-efficient contention-free mechanism for wireless networks
  • A game theoretical approach of network selection algorithm in heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Analysis and comparison of GNSS code tracking with different discriminators
  • Blending two parametric curves on the sphere
  • The research and application of business-driven internet component integration
  • A novel OFDM-PON architecture based on all-optical waveform and flat frequency comb generation for 100 GB/S optical access
  • RFID protocol based on random number and encryption hash
  • Analysis of multiple shared channel cooperative routing in OFDM based wireless networks
  • The research of suppressing power interference in PLCC using ICA technology
  • Semi-blind channel estimation of MIMO-OFDM systems based on RBF network
  • The bit error rate performance of MPSK over extended Rayleigh fading channel
  • Low power consumption wireless temperature and humidity monitoring node based on MCF51QE128
  • Optimal quantization for DC coefficient of Wyner-Ziv frame in unidirectional distributed video coding
  • Interference mitigation for downlink base station cooperation with joint distributed space-time coding
  • Performance analysis of UNB modulation based on VMCK in AWGN channel
  • Ultra-wideband bandpass filter with notch and upper-band suppression
  • A new indoor mobile node tracking scheme based on RSSI and Kalman filter
  • An advanced dynamic spectrum allocation algorithm in cognitive radio based on priority of nodes
  • A high conversion gain CMOS current bleeding mixer for 2.4 G wireless communication
  • A cost effective multi-services WDM-PON employing DPSK/FSK orthogonally modulated downstream and OOK remodulated upstream
  • A novel design of WDM-PON networking
  • Signal processing techniques for spectrum opportunities and interference detection in cognitive radio networks
  • Spectrum sensing using higher-order statistics and receive diversity and cooperative detection in simo cognitive radio system
  • DOA estimation in MIMO radar based on coherent signal-subspace method [signal read signal]
  • Weather phenomenon simulations in 3D virtual scenes based on OSG particle system
  • A RS and GIS analysis on land-use-cover change of Shanghai
  • Mobile augmented reality system for personal museum tour guide applications
  • Design of millimeter-wave bandpass filter using microstrip stepped-impedance stubs
  • A combined interpolation method for waveform reconstruction in beacon transmitter detector
  • Speaker retrieval based on minimum distance in HCT
  • Research of OFDM power line carrier communication based on AMI
  • An efficient boundary points extraction algorithm for three-dimensional model construction
  • The rapid lossless compression of true colour image
  • Research and realization on the ant colony optimization algorithm
  • A new motion estimation algorithm based on space relation for frame rate up conversion
  • An improved spectral subtraction method in compressed domain
  • Audio quality evaluation using frequency structural similarity measure
  • A practical method of clock synchronization in 2-out-of-3 system
  • The interaction between heart and catheter
  • Noise reduction based on spectral entropy in MP3 compressed domain
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