IET International Communication Conference on Wireless Mobile and Computing (CCWMC 2011)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 14-16 Nov. 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-505-8
  • Conference number: CP589
  • The following topics are dealt with: radio spectrum management; video coding; green communication; LTE; mobile radio; signal processing; cognitive radio; wireless ad-hoc sensor network; MIMO; OFDM; passive optical networks; mobile computing and ubiquitous computing.

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  • Automatic network topology discovery of EPON+EOC through SNMP
  • A novel Ethernet over Coax solution employing multi-point control protocol
  • Analysis of modulator impact factors on flat and stable optical comb generation based on re-circulating frequency shifter for all-optical OFDM
  • Optical 16QAM modulation based on DD-MZM in radio-over-fiber system
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation using prediction in WDM/TDM passive optical network
  • Computer forensics in communication networks
  • Complexity analysis of algorithm/architecture co-design for H.264 deblocking filter in MPSoC design
  • Network-driven dynamic scheduling algorithm for large-scale 3D scene
  • The research of audio clustering with Gaussian mixture based on EM algorithm
  • An application of high-order artificial neural network in tax system
  • Mesh simplification method based on vision feature
  • Urgency-based packet scheduling and routing algorithms for video transmission over MANETs
  • Ad hoc network routing mechanism for intelligent community
  • Weighted centroid location algorithm in wireless sensor network
  • Reliable data transmission against packet dropping misbehavior in wireless ad hoc networks
  • Fault isolation using self-organizing map (SOM) ANNS
  • Location based services with personal area network for community and tourism applications
  • Improved UWB pulse shaping method based on Gaussian derivatives
  • Practical design of multi-channel oversampled warped cosine-modulated filter banks
  • Health guard system with emergency call based on smartphone
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