International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology 2011 (ICAIT 2011)

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  • Location: Wuhan, China
  • Conference date: 11-14 July 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-473-0
  • Conference number: CP585
  • The following topics are dealt with: semiconductor laser nonlinear dynamics; all-optical signal processing technology; passive mode-locked fiber ring laser; long-period fiber gratings; microstructured optical fiber; high sensitive refractive index sensor; antenna arrays; wireless communication; MAC layer protocol; MANET; network-based mobility management; multihop two-way amplify-and-forward protocol; ultra-high speed optical time-division multiplexing system; low-density parity-check code; radio over fiber system cognitive radio system; wireless sensor network; next generation optical network; coherent optical QPSK transmission system; optical fiber Bragg grating; quantum dot semiconductor laser devices; Macha Zehnder interferometer; gas sensor; optical sensor; near-IR photoluminescence; low-loss nanophotonic waveguide; THz detection; and Fresnel phase matching.

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  • Performance optimization of passive mode-locked fiber ring laser
  • Compensation of the frequency fluctuations of light sources in distributed Brillouin sensor
  • A hybrid image compression technique based on DWT and DCT transforms
  • A novel discrete cosine transform algorithm for optimized hardware implementation in audio decoding
  • Frequency-octupling millimeter-wave generation based on optical two-step self-heterodyne technique
  • A new power control algorithm based on game theory in cognitive radio system
  • A presentation deadline-based cross-layer design for IPTV services over wireless networks
  • Design of wireless sensor node for drought monitoring in vineyards
  • Particle swarm optimization applied to designing LDPC codes for wireless communications
  • Chromatic dispersion monitor method for signals with high duty cycles
  • A second-order approximation coupling model of fused biconical tapered fiber coupler
  • In-band impairment measurement via varied-SOP polarization-resolved optical spectrum analysis
  • Survivability schemes in metro interconnected ring networks
  • Highly sensitive in-band OSNR monitors based on phase-matched four-wave mixing
  • Research on strain sensing based on passively mode-locked fiber laser using saturable absorber
  • Optical fiber sensors based on photonics crystal fiber loop mirrors
  • Optically tuning of chromatic dispersion compensators
  • Regeneration of DQPSK signals using semiconductor optical amplifier-based phase regenerator
  • Laser-induced pattened deposition of silver nanoparticles on glass
  • Longitudinal modes tunable fiber laser and spectra analysis
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