International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Intelligent Systems (SEISCON 2011)

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  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Conference date: 20-22 July 2011
  • ISBN: 978-9-38043-000-3
  • Conference number: CP583
  • The following topics are dealt with: power quality management; FACTS devices; power electronics; renewable energy resources; artificial intelligence; power system control; electric drives; microgrid; low power VLSI; next generation wireless network; advanced signal processing; image processing; intelligent system; learning algorithm; and self wireless ad-hoc network.

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  • Adaptive-hysteresis current controller based active power filter for power quality enhancement
  • Smart wireless networking done faster: trends in wireless network development using software defined radio and cognitive radio techniques (Abstract only)
  • Environmental friendly solar energy in restructured Indian power sector
  • Comparison of photo voltaic array based different topologies of cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter
  • Modelling and optimization of renewable energy integration in buildings
  • Economic assessment of Indian distributed power delivery system by hybrid genetic-simulated annealing technique
  • A hybrid pricing strategy for solar energy
  • Deterministic - renewable energy on road
  • Artificial neural network based maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic system
  • Contingency constraint corrective rescheduling with the presence of wind farm
  • Experimental based capacitance calculation of induction motor: as wind power generator
  • Realization of grid fault on grid connected wind energy conversion system using real time simulator
  • Alternate hydro electric dam system called TejWell
  • Comparative analysis of variable speed wind energy conversion systems
  • Automation of PV farmers pump
  • Cost optimal design of micro hydel systems
  • Global status of renewable energy and market: future prospectus and target
  • Ethanol production from banana peel waste using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Enhancement of voltage stability by coordinated control of multiple FACTS controllers in multi-machine power system environments
  • Combustion and emission characteristics of a biodiesel fuelled diesel engine with the effect of thermal barrier coated internal jet piston
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