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IET International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City (ICSSC 2011)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 6-8 July 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-326-9
  • Conference number: CP582
  • The following topics are dealt with: smart city; sustainable city; public transport systems; urban spaces eco-design; bottom up urban simulation; campus maps; virtual situated environment; interpolation motion compensation method; digital evolutionary modeling; Ethernet simulation; triangle rasterization; texture coordinate interpolation; texture mapping; binocular stereo vision; BP artificial neural network; distributed data mining; medical image reconstruction system; independent FPGA; clouds distribution effect analysis; urban mobility; urban land-cover information database construction; wireless sensor home automation network; fast real-time rendering method; global-scale indefinite region flood routing modeling; urban transportation systems; on-demand routing protocols; audio fingerprinting system; robust segmentation algorithm; multimedia content delivery over IP networks; cutting edge health informatics research; indexing scheme; wireless bridge health monitoring system; rail auto-inspection system; complex social networks; facility location; emergency management; artificial fish school algorithm; ROI coding; spatial social-and-economic relationship analysis; geographic information analysis; territorial development intensity analysis; climate change; demarcate urban house supermarket; urban waterway risk evaluation system; food consumption warning system; preventive mass evacuation planning; total city-management pattern; building lifecycle management; collaborative human tracking; multiline tunneling; crowdsourced security; and sustainable low-carbon urban space morphology.

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  • TranSOM: a model for collaborative innovation in a community of practice for public transport system HYS
  • The application of an improved BP artificial neural network in distributed data mining
  • Research of medical image reconstruction system based-on MAC OS
  • An independent FPGA implementation of graphical spatial hierarchy
  • A novel FPGA platform for ray tracing acceleration
  • Analysis of cloud distribution effect on daylighting in urban environment
  • Exploratory analysis of urban mobility: from mobile phone usage data to tourist behaviour
  • Towards the agentification of a virtual situated environment for urban crowd simulation
  • Database construction of urban land cover Information using RS and GIS
  • Wireless sensor home automation networks based upon Sun SPOT
  • A fast real-time rendering method of 3D terrain using out-of-core visualization
  • A product and system based approach for urban spaces eco-design
  • Global-scale indefinite region flood routing modeling based on two dimensional unsteady flow
  • Reconfigurable and adaptable urban transportation systems: the platoon solution
  • Heuristic-based real-time remote rendering of 3-D geometric model
  • MetroB: Evaluation and simulation of public transport system
  • Target monitoring in wireless sensor networks using compressive sensing
  • Modeling and simulation of new territories projects using agencements theory, mereological principles and simplicial complex tool
  • Simulation based comparative performance analysis of on-demand routing protocols
  • An audio fingerprinting system based on spectral energy structure
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