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IET 3rd International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (ICWMMN 2010)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 26-29 Sept. 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-240-8
  • Conference number: CP569
  • The following topics are dealt with : communication network; wireless communication; signal processing for communication; speech and video processing for multimedia networks; and ubiquitous computing.

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  • A trusted neighbor table based location verification for VANET routing
  • GSM-R network planning for high speed railway
  • The research of improved PTS method for peak-to-average power ratio reduction
  • A hybrid low complexity decoding of LDPC codes
  • Enhancing the performance of IDMA system by irregular LDPC codes
  • The circulate property of generator matrices of protograph LDPC codes
  • The differential transmitter and receiver for cognitive MIMO systems
  • Performance comparison of LDPC-coded IDMA system with equal spreading and unequal spreading
  • A novel nonsinusoidal orthogonal band division modulation method
  • Improvement of direct spreading spectrum by multi-spreading spectrum
  • A novel radio propagation channel sounding method based on antenna pattern diversity
  • Scalable link lifetime estimating mechanisms in mobile ad hoc network
  • Scintillation of a tracked gaussian beam for ground-to-satellite laser communication
  • A cognitive spatial multiplexing scheme for MIMOCDMA networks
  • One scheme of cooperative diversity with two satellites based on the Alamouti code
  • Fast iterative user selection for multiuser MIMO system
  • Architecture of IMS over WiMAX PCC and the QoS mechanism
  • CSMA/CA-based MAC protocol in cognitive radio network
  • The multiple prioritized access mechanism of cognitive networks
  • Distortion optimization based on power allocation for wireless video sensors
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