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5th International Conference on Responsive Manufacturing - Green Manufacturing (ICRM 2010)

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  • Location: Ningbo, China
  • Conference date: 11-13 Jan. 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-199-9
  • Conference number: CP565
  • The following topics are dealt with: responsive manufacturing; green manufacturing; remanufacturing; sustainable technologies and tools; green building technology; life cycle analysis; design tools; sustainable construction materials; supply chain; policy and economics; and sustainable material.

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  • Remanufacturing - an American perspective
  • A study on energy saving design strategies of universities' education building in the cold zone of China
  • The design and study of economical and comfortable balconies for living construction in the frigid zone
  • Research on energy-saving technology of window surrounding for the sandwich insulation walls of rural housings in cold regions of China
  • Analysis of the application of passive solar collecting approaches for rural house in super-cold areas of China
  • Establishing a typical solar radiation year time series for the application of building integrated photovoltaic systems in Taiwan
  • Assessment of the energy-saving and carbon reduction efficiency of an air-conditioned office in Taiwan
  • Remanufacturing oriented adaptive repair system for worn components
  • Use of product self-disassembly technology to improve remanufacturing productivity
  • Surface smoothness of welding rapid forming parts
  • A geometry reconstruction approach based on cross-section curve blending for adaptive repair of blades
  • A new type of submerged-arc hardfacing flux-cored wire to repair surface of the roll
  • Study on material design of plasma arc cladding for rapid prototyping Fe-based alloys
  • Research on cutting remanufacture deposited materials in the impactive condition
  • Testing method for porosity foam heat insulation construction material
  • Green manufacturing issues in machine tools industry in terms of the life cycle
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of life-cycle assessment based on multivariate regression analysis
  • Investigation of remanufacturing technology and evaluation system of heavy duty caterpillar engine
  • Can recycling and material reuse contribute to greener production?
  • A hyper-heuristic multi-criteria decision support system for eco-efficient product life cycle
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