5th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2010)

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  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Conference date: 19-21 April 2010
  • ISBN: 978 1 84919 231 6
  • Conference number: CP563
  • The following topics are dealt with: power electronics; electrical generator; switch-mode power supplies; wave power system; power grids; condition monitoring; convertors; FACTS; microgrids; wind power; more electric aircraft; active filter; power factor correction; synchronous machine; automotive; and electrical drives; power quality; EMC; HVDC; induction machines; sensorless control; protection; supercapacitors; fuel cells; batteries; solar/PV; permanent magnet machines; axial flux machines; actuators; linear machines; thermal management; power measurement; switched reluctance machines; motion control system; and energy harvesting.

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  • Artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic based comprehensive motor testing technique
  • Modelling and control of variable frequency multiphase multi-machine AC-DC power conversion systems
  • Invited Address: Power device technology countering climate change
  • Topologies for wound-field three-phase segmented-rotor flux-switching machines
  • Combined complex permeance and sub-domain model for analytical predicting electromagnetic performance of surface-mounted pm machines
  • Analysis of a combined radial-axial magnetic bearing for a high-speed drive system
  • Simplified design of slotless halbach machine for micro-satellite electromechanical batteries
  • Five-phase permanent magnet machines, advantages and applications
  • Back-emf infleunce in BDCM design for commutation torque riple reduction
  • Design concept of short-circuit fault-tolerance permanent magnet machine
  • Condition monitoring for mechanical faults in motor drive systems using the recifier input currents
  • High-dynamics low-cost flow control with solenoid actuator for ultra-high purity applications
  • A comparative study between different structures of rail and actuator used in electromagnetic levitation systems
  • Fuzzy control of micro hydro power plants
  • A hybrid voltage source converter arrangement for HVDC power transmission and reactive power compensation
  • Open-circuit fault mitigation for multiphase induction motors with a unified control structure
  • Grid integration of offshore wind farms using multi-terminal DC transmission systems (MTDC)
  • Vibration analysis and backlash identification of a twin ac drive for a cement kiln
  • Efficiency evaluation of a DC transmission system based on voltage source converters
  • A fault tolerant matrix converter motor drive under open phase faults
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