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2009 International Conference on Microwave Technology and Computational Electromagnetics (ICMTCE 2009)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 3-6 Nov. 2009
  • ISBN: 0-86341-659-4
  • Conference number: CP557
  • The following topics are dealt with: microwave technology and computational electromagnetics; microstrip antennas and printed device; wave propagation in complex media; microwave and millimeter wave systems and components; planar waveguide antennas; carbon nanotube technology; electromagnetic metamaterials; wideband electromagnetic coupled ellipse antenna; circularly polarized Fabry-Perot resonator antenna; monopulse radar; multiband planar monopole antenna; reconfigurable inverted F-type antenna; decoupled parameter estimation algorithm; variable polarization monopulse microstrip array antenna; ultra wideband planar elliptical dipole antenna; broadband circularly polarized wide-slot antenna; wide band 4×4 microstrip Butler matrix; dual-band H-shaped slot antenna; finite frequency selective surfaces; tri-reflector compact antennas test range; radar imaging algorithm; integrated waveguide slot antenna; cross-coupled filters; gradient index microwave lens; gapped power-ground planes; superconducting particle accelerator cavity; integrated transmitter module; Ka-band spatial power dividing/combing transition circuit; slow-wave ladder dual-mode bandpass filter; finite difference time domain method; broad-band microwave equalizer designing; ballasting resistor; phase shifter; spaceborne microwave radiometer; terahertz time domain spectroscopy; wieghted Laguerre polynomial; arbitrary V-shaped groove waveguide; multilevel fast multipole algorithm; dielectric loaded asymmetric V ridge waveguide; volume surface integral equation; Pspice/Spice simulation; 3D electromagnetic scattering; arbitrary trapezoidal groove waveguide; planar microstrip structures; microwave induced thermoacoustic signals; genetic algorithm; Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model; parabolic wave equation; and deceptive jamming method.

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  • New directions in computational electromagnetics
  • Printed triple-T monopole antenna for 2.4, 5.2, and 5.8 GHz WLAN operations
  • Design of cylindrical conformal microstrip GPS antenna arrays
  • A broadband circular polarization patch antenna with differential-feeding
  • Novel microstrip antenna for 2.4 GHz with harmonic rejection
  • PO-MOM analysis of an antenna with reflector enclosed in an electrically large radome
  • Exact modeling and computation using MLFMA of an antenna array with a radome structure
  • Electromagnetic metamaterials: recent advances on the theory, experiments, and applications
  • Analysis of doublet antenna with finite frequency selective surface
  • MOM analysis of the planar and curved FSS based on dipole elements
  • An improved method of extracting permeability using SVM
  • Design of tri-reflector compact antenna test range
  • ISAR imaging of multiple targets based on FrFT-CLEAN
  • Wideband electromagnetic coupled ellipse LTCC antenna for Ka band
  • A radar imaging algorithm based on stepped-frequency signal
  • Interferometric ISAR imaging for RCS and three-dimensional target characteristics measurements
  • Experimental verification of bulk left-handed metamaterials composed of coplanar magnetic and electric resonators
  • Integrated waveguide slot antenna for V-band based on LTCC technology
  • Novel cross-coupled filters using metamaterial split ring resonators
  • Influence of HIGP on ground-reliance to monopole antennas
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