International Technology and Innovation Conference 2009 (ITIC 2009)

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  • Location: Xi'an, China
  • Conference date: 12-14 Oct. 2009
  • ISBN: 978 1 84919 139 5
  • Conference number: CP556
  • The system of engine is composed of multi-subsystems and multidisciplinary; to improve engine's fuel economy, synergy and coupling between disciplinary is the key point to research, multi-disciplinary design optimization (MDO) is a new means to explore entire engine system. A number of disciplines are involved in the engine system, they mutually interact. MDO is a method for the design of complex engineering systems and subsystems that coherently exploits the synergism of mutually interacting phenomena. MDO provides the integration of design workflow and self-executing in analysis, the analysis of a number of disciplines are integrated into the shared environment and MDO gives full consideration on interdisciplinary coupling as well as the interaction and impact between subsystems. The integration platform simplifies the process and provides optimization arithmetic library. The MDO is applied to the system of gasoline engine, the optimal system helps improve power and save the fuel consumption obviously, the relationship of variables was studied by the response surface model. The MDO will play more important role to improve engine's energy efficiency.

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  • The application of multidisciplinary design optimization in IC engine's energy saving
  • Study on new energy and renewable energy industry development strategy and deployment of Beijing based on SWOT analysis
  • Research on mapping between product function model and assembly
  • Design of database system for high speed machining based on Web
  • Arithmetic research about Boolean operation of surfel model based on hierarchical bounding volumes
  • Research on a weighting alignment method for investment casting turbine blade shape inspection
  • Characteristic parameters of machine joints and the technology for applying them in overall modeling
  • Machining feature recognition for DFM evaluation
  • An optimized isoscallop height cutting paths planning method based on cross-entropy optimization algorithm
  • Welding multi-robot task allocation for BIW based on hill climbing genetic algorithm
  • Study on visualized conversion technology of distributed agent-based CAD model
  • Research on dynamic characteristics of printing press' paper transferring system based on experimental modal analysis
  • Characteristics of heat transfer for AI2O3-water two-phase fluids
  • The optimization of shifting coefficient in internal parallel move gears transmission
  • Study on the variables in designing the internal parallel move gears transmission
  • Application study of water kettle handle injection molding
  • Case study for integrating the line balancing and the shop layout based on AutoCAD
  • Reliability and maintainability optimization of mechanical system based on the life cycle cost
  • A characterization model and a normalization system of the LCIA for Chinese electromechanical products
  • Assessment on green degree of biodegradable packaging material based on LCA and FAHP methodology
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