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IET 11th International Conference on Ionospheric Radio Systems and Techniques (IRST 2009)

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 28-30 April 2009
  • ISBN: 978 1 84919 123 4
  • Conference number: CP549
  • The following topics are dealt with: ionospheric radio systems; sounding and radar; TIDs and earthquake forecasting/modelling; predictions; multi-antenna techniques; medium frequency systems; propagation analysis; radio equipment; transionospheric; modems; electromagnetic Earth environment; direction finding; and high-frequency noise.

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  • HF radar observation of ionospheric irregularities with unusual behaviour
  • Functional demonstrator for wideband powerbank for shipboard HF communication systems
  • Detection and minimisation of ionospheric interference in Loran-C receivers
  • The synthetic aperture radar trans- ionospheric radio propagation simulator (SAR-TIRPS)
  • Spatial decorrelation of VHF and UHF trans-ionospheric signals measured at Ascension island
  • Ionosphere-induced first and higher order errors for space based SAR
  • HF-IP: propagation analysis
  • Switchable-rate error control coding for HF-IP systems
  • Standardization of an intermediate duration HF channel variation model
  • Using of global and regional ionospheric maps to study of the preseismic ionosphere modification
  • Analysis of the Millington prediction method for land-sea-land mixed paths in the medium wave band
  • Statistical characterization of the field strength location variability for the new digital radio services in the medium wave band
  • Next generation ALE concepts
  • Entropic distance for automatic modulation recognition of HF signals
  • Absorption of radio transmissions near the geomagnetic equator at medium frequencies: Part 2. A propagation case study
  • Use of elliptically polarised antennas at medium frequencies for skywave broadcasting, with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Study of the ionospheric interference for planning DRM local services using the 26 MHz band
  • Instant messaging and HF communications networks
  • Applying cognitive radio concepts to HF communications
  • Modelling of AGW/TIDs and raytracing through the ionosphere
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