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IET 2nd International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (ICWMMN 2008)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 12-15 Oct. 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-925-6
  • Conference number: CP545
  • The following topics are discussed: Communication networks, Wireless communications, Signal processing for communications, 3G & B3G/4G, Service and applications, Ubiquitous computing for future communications.

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  • Performance analysis of SCPS-TP SNACK in space communication
  • Application of spectrum pooling based on cognitive radio for modern service industry
  • The design of multi-path service over a virtual network
  • A policy-based dynamic security management mechanism for MIPv6 networks
  • Opportunistic cooperation diversity in wireless networks
  • A new network based on vector address
  • Study on campus wireless mobile model based on AOC modeling
  • How to implement Anycast service in mobile IP network
  • Study on mobile IP technology in wireless communication systems
  • A new scheme for accounting based on vector network
  • Research on integrated network management model based on CORBA and mobile agents
  • Design of RFID active tag system based on MSP430
  • Integrating MANET and the Internet via an adaptive TTL gateway discovery scheme
  • On increasing system throughput for non real-time users using hierarchical modulation in IEEE802.16 network
  • Study on interference suppression for UWB communications
  • Satellite imaging traffic modeling and simulation
  • Adaptive image delivery based on WAP
  • A merger weight-based synchronization algorithm for WiMedia MAC
  • A fast automatic gain control scheme for IEEE 802.15.4 receiver
  • A novel multi-channel scheduling algorithm based on cross layer collaboration for vehicular networks
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