4th IET International Conference on Advances in Medical, Signal and Information Processing (MEDSIP 2008)

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  • Location: Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy
  • Conference date: 14-16 July 2008
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 934 8
  • Conference number: CP540
  • The following topics were dealt with: electrophysiology; telemedicine, emerging technologies and critical/intensive care; nonlinear signal processing; medical imaging and image processing.

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  • A geographic network for MRI assessment of iron overload in thalassemia: the MIOT experience
  • Low frequency phase synchronisation analysis of MEG recordings from children with ADHD and controls using single channel ICA
  • Late positive event-related potentials enhancement through independent component analysis clustering
  • A fast algorithm for automated independent process separation from single channel biomedical signal recordings: fastIPA
  • Blind source separation to extract foetal heart sounds from noisy abdominal phonograms: a single channel method
  • Exploiting independence measures in dual spaces with application to atrial f-wave extraction in the ECG
  • A soft sensing method for monitoring ambulatory activities of patients with venous ulceration
  • Simulating and predicting blood glucose levels for improved diabetes healthcare
  • Spike detection algorithm improvement, spike waveforms projections with PCA and hierarchical classification
  • Non-invasive fetal electrocardiography: validation and interpretation
  • Support vector survival regression
  • Clustering breast cancer data by consensus of different validity indices
  • Chest expansion reconstruction from respiration sound by using artificial neural networks
  • Differences in source analysis accuracy of AEP generators following fastica and TDSEP-ICA denoising
  • A ubiquitous smart home for elderly
  • Time-series data analysis of blood sugar and HbA1c levels of diabetic
  • A cell phone-based diary for chronic diseases
  • Application of quartz tuning forks in multiple-breath-helium washout measurement
  • Optimizing the assessment of autoregulation from black-box models
  • Towards automated diagnosis of celiac disease by computer-assisted classification of duodenal imagery
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