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4th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2008)

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  • Location: York, UK
  • Conference date: 2-4 April 2008
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 900 3
  • Conference number: CP538
  • The following topics are dealt with: fault diagnosis; active filters; rectifiers; large and complex machines; matrix converters; wave energy converters; fuel cells; energy storage; and permanent magnet machines.

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  • Analytical prediction of inter-turn short-circuit current in fault-tolerant permanent magnet brushless machines
  • GA based automatic robust STATCOM controller design for a multi-machine power system
  • Design and analysis of a novel flux-switching permanent magnet integrated-starter-generator
  • Reliability analysis of fault tolerant drive topologies
  • Dual-lumped parameter magnetic circuit model accounting for the cross-coupling effect, with particular reference to flux- switching permanent magnet machines
  • A novel permanent magnet flux-switching linear motor
  • Analysis and reduction of magnet Eddy current loss in flux-switching permanent magnet machines
  • Optimum selection of state feedback variables PWM inverters control
  • The influence of overcurrent and undervoltage protection settings on ASD sensitivity to voltage sags and short interruptions
  • Comparative results of thrust ripple in several topologies of PMLSM
  • Numeric simulation approach to field protection design in wound-rotor brushless synchronous machines
  • Repetitive control and virtual bleeder resistor for AC generator sets with harmonic-sensitive loads
  • Are interferometric encoders a reasonable alternative in servo drive applications?
  • Sequencing of supplies of the matrix converter: improvement of the start-up and MC interaction with the filter and clamp circuit
  • Robust active power filter for power quality improvement under fast load variation
  • Variable frequency adaptive selective compensation for active power filters
  • Multidrive control for machine tool servo axes
  • Control simulation studies for switched reluctance motor system based on finite element model
  • Axial flux machine design for hybrid traction applications
  • A new fuzzy logic based adaptation mechanism for MRAS sensorless vector control induction motor drives
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