IET Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks

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  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Conference date: 11-12 Jan. 2008
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 887 7
  • Conference number: CP535
  • The following topics are dealt with: wireless communication; antenna arrays; next generation network; WiMax; mobile network; multimedia processing and broadband access technology.

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  • Ultra wide band CPW-fed printed pentagonal antenna with modified ground plane for UWB applications
  • Architecture of a single sign on (SSO) for Internet banking
  • Impact of the development on the economics of developing countries. Information technology towards improving supply chain management in Indian economy
  • A method for the improvisation of messaging in wireless mobile devices
  • Real coded genetic algorithm for minimizing wavelength and number of hops in virtual wavelength path routed WDM network
  • The WiMAX 802.16e physical layer model
  • The transformer-less double-side band suppressed carrier generation
  • Next-generation WLAN architecture for high performance networks
  • Concentric annular ring microstrip antenna
  • Analysis of DFT-based channel estimation algorithm for UWB-OFDM system
  • Performance improvement of wireless network based on effective data transmission
  • Design and implementation of IIR band pass filter for wireless communication
  • WiFi and WiMax: break through in wireless access technologies
  • Image based steganography using LSB insertion
  • Adaptive MC-CDMA using channel state information
  • Domain specific question answering technique for accessing information on mobile phone
  • A near blind low complexity carrier frequency offset estimator for OFDM
  • A multi-scale TOA estimation method for ultra wide band non-coherent energy detection receiver
  • Next generation communication towards open wireless standard and software defined radio
  • Study of propagation model at 60 GHz
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