IET Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Sensor Networks 2007 (CCWMSN07)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 12-14 Dec. 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-8634-1836-5
  • Conference number: CP533
  • The most mature medium access control protocol for wireless local area networks is the IEEE 802.11 standard. The primary access mode of this protocol is based on the mechanism of carrier sense multiple access with binary exponential backoff. We develop a finite-source feedback queueing model for this access mode. In this model, we derive expressions for the throughput and the first moment of the delay and a set of equations to compute the Laplace Stieltjes Transform and higher moments of the delay. The accuracy of the model is verified by simulation.

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  • A model studying for the IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • An improved denoising method based on wavelet modular maximum method for DS-UWB systems
  • A circuit with good linearity based on standard optocouplers
  • Implement of signal transmitter for OFDM in underwater acoustic communication based on DDWS
  • A multiuser chip-rate equalization algorithm for CDMA underwater communication systems
  • Modulation identification for MIMO-OFDM signals
  • A novel MIR approach based on dynamic thresholds segmentation and weighted synthesis matching
  • Secure self-distributed certificate scheme for mobile ad hoc networks
  • Improvement of CQI feedback schemes based on OFDMA system
  • A novel hybrid network for hospital environment incorporating IEEE 802.16 and HomePlug AV standards
  • A new bandwidth prediction based wireless ad-hoc video communication
  • A novel pilot-based carrier frequency offset estimation in MC-DS-CDMA uplink
  • Research on the unusability of the smart antenna in the TD-SCDMA standard
  • A multicast algorithm based on network coding for wireless sensor network
  • Open WSN, an layer first component architecture and package for sensor networks
  • Performance analysis of hybrid selection and closed-loop transmit diversity systems in the presence of feedback delay
  • Using steepest descent method to refine the node positions in wireless sensor networks
  • Optimal resource allocation on grid computing using a quantum chromosomes genetic algorithm
  • Adaptive transmission power control and coding for wireless sensor networks
  • Patching multicast policy for VoD service based on 3Tnet
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