China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (CIICT 2007)

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  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Conference date: 28-29 Aug. 2007
  • ISBN: 978 0 86341 827 3
  • Conference number: CP529
  • The following topics are dealt with: circuits and systems; communications modelling and simulation; control systems; antennas; multimedia communications; computational electromagnetics; security and encryption; artificial intelligence; arithmetic circuits; signal processing; IC design; wireless sensor networks; software engineering; natural language processing; optics and optoelectronics; wireless communications; information systems; image processing; video processing and data visualisation.

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  • Unbiased GM(1,1) model for grey prediction control
  • A 1.5-4 GHz low noise amplifier for concurrent multi-standard applications using InGaP/GaAs HBT technology
  • Statistical design for MMIC using nonparametric method
  • A modified embedded Runge-Kutta method for cloth simulation
  • Pareto ant colony optimization based on information entropy in multiobjective portfolio problem
  • Study on definition evaluation function based on image contrast variation
  • A simple extension of baseline fractal image coding
  • A blind source separation method for mixed modulation signals based on ICA
  • Stability analysis and control synthesis of affine fuzzy systems
  • Focusing of concentric three-portion vector optical beam
  • An X-ray radiography system for pipe-welding based on flat-panel detector
  • Guaranteed cost control of uncertain sampled-data systems based on state observer
  • Identification of a time-delayed process model using an overparameterisation method
  • Multi-rate sampled-data systems with decentralized control structure
  • An evaluation of the accuracy of linear models for an industrial evaporation process
  • Wide-band monopole antenna for indoor base station of digital television
  • Design and optimization of a lumped-element balun for a Zigbee wireless sensor node
  • A new wideband carbon nanotube antennas for terahertz range
  • A novel and powerful TCAD methodology to evaluate performance of ESD protection devices
  • Amplitude and phase mismatch calibration testbed for 2 x 2 tower-top antenna array system
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