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2006 China International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CICED 2006)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 17-20 Sept. 2006
  • ISBN: 0 86341 638 1
  • Conference number: CP527
  • The following topics were dealt with: distribution system development and planning; distribution network protection, operation and control; power quality and electromagnetic compatibility; power saving and distributed energy resources; distributed generation.

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  • Reliability evaluation of complex distribution system based on GO method
  • Research on analysis and measures to lightning-caused break mechanism of 10 kV insulated aluminum conductor
  • Study of the effect of the HVDC ground electrode current on neutral grounding network equipment
  • Study of the characteristics and benefits of power networks structure
  • Distribution management system based on integrated design of GIS system and SCADA system
  • Study of synthetic decision making in time-of-use(TOU) pricing
  • Research on key problems of power swing unit in microcomputer distance protection
  • Power distribution dispatching automation system based on the concept of Data Mart
  • A practice of a staggering peak load management system based on short message of mobile phone platform
  • A real time digital simulation based automatic test system for distribution protection and automation
  • A quality of service solution for power data communication network
  • Design of the tour-inspecting system based on GPS and embedded GIS
  • Research on a novel FCL for three-phase ungrounded power systems
  • The establishing of GIS system and its function in city electric power supplying management
  • An improved charging current compensation algorithm for distribution cable protection
  • Scheme of accelerated overcurrent protection for distribution systems with IDMT coordination
  • High-speed mid-voltage distribution line carrier communication system
  • Study on adaptive three-step current protection
  • Simulation study on over-voltage and over-current due to reclosing operation in substations with cable outlets
  • Analysis of reactive power compensation for distribution network
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