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International Technology and Innovation Conference 2006 (ITIC 2006)

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  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Conference date: 6-7 Nov. 2006
  • ISBN: 0 86341 696 9
  • Conference number: CP524
  • The following topics were dealt with: advanced manufacturing technology; CAD/CAM; rapid prototyping; product design; CNC machining; production planning; product development; laser beam applications; automation technology and robotics; robot vision system; logistics and data mining; and energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development in the manufacturing industry

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  • Study on algorithm to generating quintic spline curve
  • Analysis of the shaping law of numerical controlled electrochemical contour evolution machining
  • Study on small and medium enterprises collaborative manufacturing system based on agency organization services
  • A method of rapid face-structured profilometry with projecting grating
  • Green design-oriented product AHP life cycle environmental impact assessment model
  • Study on virtual numerical control turning system based on network
  • Robust composite controller design for high-accuracy positioning system
  • The design and application of microstructure control system applied to vehicles using sheet
  • Analysis and control for micromotion stage based on magnetic suspension technology
  • Design of fault diagnosis system for 3D laser scanning machine based on Internet
  • Algorithms of disassembly sequences for green product design
  • A new linear interpolation method with look-ahead for high speed machining
  • A new method to automatically determine parting line in injection mold design
  • Architecture of process mining based business process optimization
  • Study on movement model of tracing measurement equipment during crankshaft noncircular grinding process
  • Basic research of wire electrochemical micro-machining
  • Research on bionic self-organizing theory of reconfigurable manufacturing system
  • Service-based research on product configuration based on product platform
  • FEM simulation of vacuum hot bulge forming process of BT20 titanium alloy cylindrical workpiece
  • The impact of initiative locating and state memory fixturing (IL&SM ) on workpiece location position with CNC machining
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