IET 3rd International Conference MEDSIP 2006. Advances in Medical, Signal and Information Processing

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 17-19 July 2006
  • ISBN: 0 86341 658 6
  • Conference number: CP520
  • The following topics were dealt with: medical signal processing; entropy analysis; decomposition methods; wavelet transforms; statistical analysis; hardware implementation; artificial neural nets; computational intelligence; principal component analysis; brain computer interface; blind source separation; medical image processing; independent component analysis; telemedicine; healthcare information technologies; radiotherapy; and treatment planning.

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  • Reconfigurable computing architectures for high performance analysis (abstract only)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of mechanical and electrical properties of pregnant uterus
  • Diagnostic performance of combined tests using a generation algorithm of multiple tests with arbitrary sensitivity, specificity and correlation
  • Occlusal sound analysis revisited
  • Ocular fixation: a useful aid in the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonism?
  • Analysis of muscle fatigue during supported and unsupported sitting using surface electromyography
  • Spectral factors and medical parameters of EMG signals
  • Approaches to validating the "quantity" in quantitative MR cerebral perfusion studies
  • The value of data fusion for predicting alarms in critical care
  • Centralised fetal monitoring system with hardware-based data flow control
  • A portable auditory steady-state response evoked potentials unit for fast screening of aquatic mammals
  • Approximate entropy and mutual information analysis of the electroencephalogram in Alzheimer's disease patients
  • Extraction of the opponent colours responses from visual evoked potentials elicited by multi-colour stimulation
  • Sensorimotor cortex activation in spinal cord injured patients: spatio-temporal evidence
  • Analysis of evoked potentials using a spiking neural network
  • Analysis of surface electromyography signals using continuous wavelet transform for feature extraction
  • Classification of ECG arrhythmias based on statistical and time-frequency features
  • Electrical impedance tomography of brain function - an exercise in signals at the edge of detectability (abstract only)
  • Effect of compensation in partial logistic artificial neural networks medical survival analysis
  • A Bayesian neural network for competing risks models with covariates
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