10th IET International Conference on Ionospheric Radio Systems and Techniques (IRST 2006)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 18-21 July 2006
  • ISBN: 0 86341 659 4
  • Conference number: CP517
  • The following topics were dealt with: ionospheric radio systems; ionospheric techniques; electromagnetic wave propagation; ionospheric radar; antennas; software defined radio; HF communications; and radiosounding.

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  • An advanced architecture design for a high performance oblique backscattering ionosonde - WIOBSS
  • Building blocks for wideband powerbank for shipboard HF communication systems
  • Channel estimation for long distance HF communications on OFDM pilot symbols
  • The effects of channel variability on high data rate HF communications
  • Propagation related measurements during three solar eclipses in Turkey
  • A model for time and frequency spreading of HF radio signals propagating through the equatorial ionosphere
  • Variable-rate capacity-approaching LDPC codes for HF communications
  • A DS-SS signaling based system proposal for low SNR HF digital communications
  • Multi-location long-term HF noise measurements and comparison to ITU-R P.372-8
  • A software-defined HF sensor for geo-locating noise and interference
  • Implementation and comparison of a wideband HF noise and interference simulator
  • The role of HF 2000 in a network based defence
  • Advanced HF spectrum management techniques
  • Analysis of multiple frequency HF networks versus single frequency token ring networks
  • Modern HF communications for a modern military delivered through the defence high frequency communications service
  • First ionospheric monitoring campaign at Fraser's Hill Malaysia
  • Analysis of GPS-TEC at polar conjugate stations during 2003 equinoxes
  • Transionospheric simulator for strong scintillation conditions and its use in quantifying scintillation effects for GNSS systems
  • Spectrum management for HF communication using frequency agile systems
  • WRC-07 and future HF spectrum usage
  • On the development, testing and exploitation of an ionospheric data assimilation system
  • Exploitation of the European digital upper atmospheric server (DIAS) for radio systems applications
  • Multi-frequency satellite beacons and receivers for ionospheric irregularity imaging
  • Case studies of enhanced E-layer formation at high-latitudes following sudden commencement absorption events
  • MIMO transmission in the frequency domain over the HF channel
  • Performance over a real link of a HF software radio modem for interactive digital voice communications
  • Constant-amplitude waveform variations of US MIL-STD-188-110B and STANAG 4539
  • Performance of MPSK in satellite mobile channels with combined ionospheric scintillation and flat fading channels
  • Research on self-calibration of HF ground wave radar antenna arrays
  • Design of reconfigurable receiver for HF surface wave radar
  • Design of test software for over-the-horizon radar system
  • Beacon-assisted quick determination of skywave propagation modes
  • 1300 km HF radio link with a 30 kbits/s data transfer rate
  • HF radar receiver designed for surface current radar system
  • Inverse problems of ionospheric radiosounding at heights below the maximum of the F2 layer
  • Wuhan ionospheric oblique backscattering sounding system (WIOBSS): system description and initial results
  • Evaluation of the IRI model efficiency for operational forecast of HF propagation conditions
  • Existence of an additional layer in equatorial ionosphere: other observations
  • A monitoring tool for HF frequency management and license enforcement
  • Multicarrier HF modems with turbo structures for data transmission
  • Modelling of returned trajectories at heights below the maximum of the F2 layer
  • Performance of a new decision feedback equaliser using filtering diversity over HF channels
  • Parameters for automatic modulation recognition of HF signals
  • Digital radio mondiale: DRM digital AM applications for defence and broadcast markets
  • Wideband modelling and measurement of trans-ionospheric radar waveform propagation
  • Launch of international radio services using digital radio mondiale (DRM)
  • Shore-to-ship data transmission utilizing the DRM system
  • Deployment of the digital radio mondiale (DRM) system within the context of WRC-07 agenda item 1.13
  • Estimation of signal correlation at spaced antennas for multi-moded ionospherically reflected signals and its effect on the capacity of SIMO and MIMO HF links
  • A method to calibrate HF receiving antenna arrays
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