8th IEE International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission (ACDC 2006)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 28-31 March 2006
  • ISBN: 0 86341 613 6
  • Conference number: CP513
  • The following topics were dealt with: HVDC transmission; AC interconnector cable; power system interconnection; power system protection; DC power flow; power converter; renewable electricity generation; static VAr compensator; power system stability; power system faults; induction generator; wind power plants; power system control

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  • Power transmission in Great Britain - what does the future hold?
  • First major 275 kV XLPE cable system in the UK
  • Integrated modelling and residue method based tuning of PWM based STATCOM for suppressing power system oscillations
  • Genetic algorithm based optimization for allocation of static VAr compensators
  • Basslink HVDC interconnector - system design considerations
  • On effect of HVDC on subsynchronous damping
  • Multi-level voltage reinjection VSC HVDC transmission
  • A power-electronics-based transmission line de-icing system
  • Fault location techniques for one of the World's longest AC interconnector cables
  • Anomalous power line carrier signal propagation on the Monopolar Cahora Bassa HVDC lines
  • Power system stabiliser for a generic DFIG-based wind turbine controller
  • Voltage stability of an HVDC system for a large offshore wind farm with DFIGs
  • Control of voltage source converters with an unbalanced supply system
  • Wavelet-based relay agent for isolating faulty sections in distribution grids with distributed generators
  • Performance comparison of fixed-speed and doubly-fed induction generator under torsional oscillations
  • Progress report on the investigations into the recycling of existing HVAC power transmission circuits for higher power transfers using HVDC technology
  • Power-frequency control for VSC-HVDC during island operation
  • Commutation failure in single- and multi-infeed HVDC systems
  • Study of overvoltages on ±800 kV UHVDC transmission system
  • A comparative study of high phase order transmission system with three phase double circuit transmission system
  • New implosive connector technology for high voltage conductors
  • A new technique for setting distance protection and fault location by measurement of transmission line system impedance characteristics
  • Use of wide area monitoring, protection and control systems to supervise and maintain power system stability
  • Comparison of optimal location of UPFC applied to linear and non-linear load model
  • Southern Africa can contribute to solving the global warming problem with its huge hydropower potential
  • Offshore wind farm based on variable frequency mini-grids with multiterminal DC interconnection
  • Improved power system stability and reliability using innovative energy storage technologies
  • An alternative control strategy for the thyristor based HVDC interconnection of renewable energy supplies
  • Benefits and control of STATCOM with energy storage in wind power generation
  • AC or DC? Economics of grid connection design for offshore wind farms
  • HVDC transmission - opportunities and challenges
  • New generation rapid-response emergency tower
  • Research on isolated diesel-wind power system equipped with doubly fed induction generator
  • A novel concept for a fault current limiter
  • The use of vacuum interruption at transmission voltages
  • Novel robust adaptive controller based on non-quadratic Lyapunov functions for FACTS
  • A new decoupled - quadratic load flow approach for adjustment of static VAR compensator parameters
  • Gas insulated transmission lines - successful underground bulk power transmission for more than 30 years
  • Multiobjective reactive power compensation with an ant colony optimization algorithm
  • A novel transient based protection for ±800 kV UHVDC transmission lines
  • Efficient harmonic approach linearisation of interactions between AC and DC systems using harmonic multiport network matrices
  • Simulation of nonstandard phenomena in power systems
  • A case study for digital differential protection settings on a 132 kV phase shifting transformer
  • Latest control and protection innovations applied to the Basslink HVDC interconnector
  • AC harmonic filters for Konti-Skan 1 Refurbishment HVDC project
  • Full-scale tests of the AC transmission system to examine the new SPS complexes
  • Forced commutation circuit for HVDC transmission
  • Control system design for HVDC systems using optimization-enabled electromagnetic transient simulation
  • HTS cable and its anticipated effects on power transmission networks
  • Intelligent control and protection of power system with IEPS-W
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